A new iPhone with a smaller note. iOS 14 has revealed graphics with the iPhone 12

It is not a week that the code of the test version of iOS 14 does not reveal another secret not only in the software itself, but also in the hardware layer of the new iPhone. This time there were graphics suggesting a much smaller notch.

In recent days, the test version of iOS 14 reveals more and more information about the upcoming iPhones. Let's summarize the most interesting of them.

The new iPhone may have widgets on the home screen

And yet a smaller notch? The iOS 14 code reveals further details about the new iPhone

This option is implemented in iOS 14, which Szymon Radzewicz wrote more widely . The widgets would fit next to the icons and would appear when you expand the icons to a larger version. In this way, you can create tiles with 1x2 or 2x2 sides, showing e.g. the nearest alarm clock or the upcoming weather forecast.

A new wallpaper selection panel will also appear

Apple is testing new variants of wallpaper selection . The screen background selection window will contain additional options for creating gradients and uniform backgrounds based on colors from the selected photo. There will also be collections of photos that will probably rotate, showing from time to time a new wallpaper. A similar solution is known from macOS.

The third novelty is lidar, which will be the fourth camera

Lidar , a laser-based radar form, will join the standard, tele and ultra wide angle camera. Lidar will be used for augmented reality. This solution has already hit the latest iPad Pro.

The latest discovery is the smaller notch

And yet a smaller notch? The iOS 14 code reveals further details about the new iPhone

The source of the last series of leaks is a Twitter user with the nickname @choco_bit . As he writes about himself, he works at managing servers through which communication between Apple employees takes place, and he likes to collect "interesting things that Apple would not like to share." Of course, the user does not reveal his identity. Credibility is added by other known leasers who confirm the credibility of posts posted by @choco_bit.


The latest discovery of this user are graphics appearing on iOS 14. We can see the front and back of the iPhone on them. On the back we see the four mesh arrangement of the camera, revealed on the occasion of a leak about the lider. In the front we see a new screen of widgets, as well as a significantly thinner notch on the top frame.

Many users are waiting to reduce the size of the notch. Looking at what the competition shows using tiny islands and "tears" indented in the screen, you can quickly come to the conclusion that Apple designers stopped at 2017. They justify them with Face ID, which requires several sensors to work, which inevitably take up more space than a single webcam from competition devices.

There have been reports of a smaller notch before. Are they real this time? We will find out only after the premiere of the new iPhone to be held in the fall. Remember that leaks are based on the test version of iOS 14, so it may turn out that Apple is testing some new products, but will not decide to implement them in the final version of the product.

A new iPhone with a smaller note. iOS 14 has revealed graphics with the iPhone 12


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