A colorful photocopier is enough to fake correspondence choices in Poland. And ride!

Polish post election

Without the PKW seal and in envelopes that anyone can buy at the post office. This is how packages are filed for the upcoming presidential elections in Poland.

Journalists of the Krakow edition of Wyborcza.pl have reached the company dealing with the submission of electoral packages. He carries out his duty conscientiously, using his extensive experience ... in something completely different.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza , Paragon Customer Communications was chosen to submit election packages. It is difficult to accuse anything of this company - it has a good reputation, so we expect it to work equally diligently on election packages. With the same care as before.

The problem is that Paragon, based in Wieliczka, clearly has no competence and experience to carry out such a serious task as preparing election materials. Receipt has nothing to do with a securities printing company or similar institution - and it's difficult to blame the company itself. However, with those who considered the production of electoral packages in this way, we would like to talk. Because it's hard to believe in the absurdity of the situation.

Electoral packages like advertising leaflets - no one watches over anything.

Packages are produced and packaged, according to Wyborcza's report, in principle without any control. Employees interviewed by journalists admit that taking the package by an unauthorized person would not be a problem. The production technology also resembles the printing of leaflets from the menu of local pizzerias or promoting local companies.

Voting cards do not have the seal of the National Electoral Commission, for unclear reasons - we guess that the receipt does not have technology that allows it to be placed on millions of cards. In addition, as Stanisław Żółtek, the presidential candidate for UPR, has already shown, documents (sic!) Are very easy to fake .

Copy the package in its entirety onto any color copier and the copy will be indistinguishable from the original. Envelopes will not be a problem either, because they are typical and can be bought at any post office.

What is included in the electoral package?

The package to be given to each of us contains the most important document, namely the Ballot Paper. In addition, there is a statement about personal and secret voting. The package, which Poczta Polska will deliver straight to our mailboxes, also included instructions on how to cast your vote correctly. Added to this is a set of envelopes in which you must pack the completed statement and card.

What do the voting cards and voting declarations look like?

On the top of the voting card the inscription Voting card appeared in the election of the President of the Republic of Poland in 2020. Below is a list of candidates. Behind the order number there is a box in which votes must be cast, followed by the surname and first name of the candidate.

A black and white ribbon was also drawn on the right and an RP stamp with the emblem was applied in the lower part. At the bottom there was information on how to cast a vote.

Polish post correspondence elections voting package voting card statement 2

How to vote in the presidential election 2020?

To do this, first find the candidate you want to vote for, and then put an X in the box next to that candidate's name. Warning! This should only be done in this box. If X marks appear in more than one boxes on the ballot paper, the vote will be invalid. The document also explains that such a sign is at least two lines crossing the inside of the grille.

Who is on the list of presidential candidates?

Candidates in the presidential election are listed in alphabetical order (sorted by last name). Ten candidates were on the list:

  1. Robert Biedroń;
  2. Krzysztof Bosak;
  3. Andrzej Sebastian Duda;
  4. Szymon Franciszek Hołownia;
  5. Marek Jakubiak;
  6. Małgorzata Maria Kidawa-Błońska;
  7. Władysław Marcin Kosiniak-Kamysz;
  8. Mirosław Mariusz Piotrowski;
  9. Paweł Jan Tanajno;
  10. Stanisław Józef Żółtek.

What does the statement on voting look like?

This is a simple document that was titled exactly Declaration on personal and secret voting on the ballot paper. It starts with the word Ja, under which there is space to enter the voter's name and surname. Under the two free lines for name and surname there are boxes in which you must enter your pesel number. In addition, it is necessary to sign the passage under the text "I declare that I personally and secretly voted in the elections of the President of the Republic of Poland ordered in 2020.

A colorful photocopier is enough to fake correspondence choices in Poland. And ride!


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