Yes, you can get Adobe CC for free for two months. No, it has nothing to do with the epidemic

This is not an official epidemic offer, but it still works for many people.

Contrary to the information of many websites, Adobe does not give away every 2 months Adobe CC package for free due to the coronavirus epidemic . This is not an official action, as in the case of the free Adobe CC package for students from quarantined places. It's #cebuladea l for those who like to mix a little.

Adobe CC for free - how to get 2 months without paying?

Adobe can actually offer 2 months of Adobe CC for free, but it's really just their good will. The point is that if someone resigns from the previously purchased annual subscription with a monthly payment, then Adobe usually offers 2 months for free to keep the existing customer. This is a marketing procedure that has been used for a long time by many companies, not just Adobe. Importantly, reading the comments on the web, the offer does not work at every place. Some have it, others don't. Is it worth combining for less than PLN 100? I have an annual subscription that I have already paid for in advance, so this adobehacking does not apply to me. However, I am helping.

To get started, go to Adobe and log in to your account. There should be a "Manage plan" option in the "My plans" window.

Then find the "Cancel plan" button and select it.

The system will ask for the reason for cancellation. It's worth pointing out "Product is too expensive" and clicking "Continue." Some users mention the warning about the fee being canceled ahead of time. You have to ignore it and click "Continue".

In the 'Offers' tab you should see a two-month Adobe CC proposal for free. Just accept and it's ready. At least, that's how the site describes . I did not fully check it myself, because this potential offer does not apply to me.

In this way, our agreement with Adobe will be extended by an additional, free 2 months

Apparently, you can also get up to 5 months for free - just talk to the hotline consultants. Users state that myk works with an offer for photographers. I don't know what the issue looks like with other offers - they may also get caught.

I wonder when Adobe realizes that users have weathered #cebuladeal and use it en masse. On the other hand, in the current situation many photographers and filmmakers have lost their jobs virtually overnight. In such a difficult situation, about PLN 100 in your pocket is always something.

Yes, you can get Adobe CC for free for two months. No, it has nothing to do with the epidemic


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