Xiaomi s Redmi Note series exceeds 110 million units sold worldwide

If Xiaomi has become especially famous beyond the Chinese borders, much of it is given by the Redmi Note series . And it is that, the complete range of smartphones that this series contemplates, offers us, from its beginnings, entry-level and mid-range terminals with one of the best quality / price ratios on the market.

Without going any further, the Redmi Note 7 launched on the market just over a year ago has managed to exceed the barrier of 20 million units sold worldwide. A rather surprising die that is also part of the more than 110 million units sold that the entire Xiaomi Redmi Note series carries.

This has been confirmed by Xiaomi itself today, ensuring that its line of "Redmi Note" smartphones has managed to exceed 110 million units sold worldwide since its inception and until the last Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro .

In addition, Xiaomi boasts that 10 million of these units have been added to the total computation in the last five months , demonstrating once again the great growth that the mid-range has had throughout the last half of 2019.

Undoubtedly, figures that are less surprising if we consider that Xiaomi is a relatively young manufacturer in this mobile phone market where new companies are born every day willing to steal your throne.

Source | Twitter

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