Xiaomi s Mijia sub-brand turns 4: Endless smart home products at reasonable prices

On this day, 4 years ago, Xiaomi announced the birth of MIJIA . Since then, this sub-brand has focused on the smart home , recognized worldwide for its shield logo.

Its objective since 2016 has been to offer consumers products for the smart home, always maintaining high quality , excellent design , but above all, a reasonable price resulting in products with one of the best quality / price ratios in the world. market.

With the birth of MIJIA, Xiaomi launched a first rice cooker , a star product that swept through China and which we could later buy in the rest of the world through major resellers such as AliExpress.

Electric scooters, surveillance cameras or even a wide range of refrigerators

Xiaomi's Mijia sub-brand turns 4 years old: endless smart home products at reasonable prices. Xiaomi  News

Since then, MIJIA has brought with it great products such as the famous Mi Electric Scooter , an electric scooter that has swept Europe, revolutionizing the way we move around the city in a more comfortable way and why not ... more fun.

Xiaomi's Mijia sub-brand turns 4 years old: endless smart home products at reasonable prices. Xiaomi  News

Various projectors, smart locks, surveillance cameras or even a wide range of personal care products. These, in 2019, were joined by the arrival of the first home appliances, a new range of products championed by the first Xiaomi refrigerators .

Only 4 years but they have undoubtedly gone a long way. And it is that, since March 29, 2016, the Xiaomi IoT platform has managed to form a large community with more than 32.1 million active users month after month .

New line of Xiaomi Mijia products this October 11. Xiaomi  News

More than 210 million connected devices , chaired by the MIJIA sub-brand that continues to bring us closer to the wonders of technology at a reasonable price.

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