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Xiaomi reminds us how we should disinfect our smartphone against the coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic, which unfortunately already affects everyone, has made washing our hands one of the most repeated actions on a daily basis. A simple gesture that can save our lives and the one that surrounds us together with the simple fact of staying at home.

In addition, it is quite important to maintain good hygiene measures in the objects that we use regularly in our day to day. An example of this are smartphones , one of the most important sources of contagion due to its high use and direct contact with our hands .

Facing this, several manufacturers, including Xiaomi, have decided to start a campaign regarding how we should clean and disinfect our smartphones . A fairly simple task, which, just like washing our hands, will protect us against the coronavirus.

How to disinfect our smartphone?

The first of the recommendations that Xiaomi Spain gives us is based on the fact that it is not necessary to use aggressive cleaning products to properly disinfect our smartphone. For this, we will only start by washing our own hands .

To disinfect our smartphone, we must remove its protective cover and clean it with disinfecting wipes with at least 70% isopropyl alcohol (we can also dampen a disinfectant gel handkerchief). Then we will clean the surface of our smartphone with another wipe, without using disinfectant sprays .

Finally, let's not forget to wash our hands again and repeat this action as many times as necessary and one more ... since, as we said, the simple act of disinfecting our hands and the objects we use the most every day can help save lives .

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