Xiaomi Releases Redmi K30 Pro Kernel Source Code: First Custom ROMs on the Way

After the release of the Redmi K30 kernel source code, Xiaomi surprises us again in new record time by releasing the Redmi K30 Pro source code. Great news that comes in just a few days after its official presentation in China.

Xiaomi has become one of the few companies that publishes the source code of its firmware completely free , thus giving us a great opportunity to study it and offer new features.

This opens new doors for the creation of Custom ROMs and modules that expand the possibilities, in this case, of the new Redmi K30 Pro. Let's not forget that probably, in the coming months, we will see this terminal in the Global market under the denomination Xiaomi Mi 10T or Mi 10S .

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So now you know, if you are a developer or simply want to browse the Redmi K30 Pro kernel source code, Xiaomi has already uploaded it to your account on GitHub .

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