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Xiaomi patents an innovative smart mask capable of monitoring air quality

Beyond its smartphones and home products, Xiaomi has surprised from the beginning with its interesting gadgets. These could soon be joined by a new smart mask with air condition monitoring sensors .

With the arrival of the coronavirus, the demand for masks has exploded worldwide. An extra complement that together with the simple fact of saving your hands often become the fundamental measures to combat COVID-19 .

In view of this, Xiaomi has applied for the patent of a new mask capable of adapting to the contour of the face with greater precision and also with intelligent functions for measuring air quality and direct connection with our smartphone.

Xiaomi patented a new mask capable of monitoring air quality. Xiaomi  News

Sketch of Xiaomi registered smart mask patent.

As we can read from the source, this new patent refers to a mask made of a highly ergonomic plastic structure that through various moving parts allows its adaptation to the contour of any face.

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In addition, said patent mentions the inclusion of various monitoring sensors capable of detecting air quality and thus being able to record levels of contamination and harmful agents. These data, via Bluetooth connection, would be uploaded to our smartphone, registering a complete graph of the state of the air.

In addition, this mask idea mentions the inclusion of a small battery, as well as an accelerometer and gyroscope in order to detect when we are moving. A great idea that like any other patent could come to light in the coming months or be forgotten as one more idea.

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