Xiaomi goes like a storm. The Chinese pierced the financial forecasts in 2019

The strategy chosen by Xiaomi brings results. The Chinese company not only improves its market share, but also earned more money than expected in 2019.

Xiaomi has just boasted financial results for the fourth quarter of last year and for the whole of 2019. The activities so far bring results, as the company has recorded "a significant increase in all segments of its operations".

Xiaomi's annual income exceeded 200 billion yuan (RMB).

The result at RMB 205.84 billion is 17.7 percent. better than last year. However, even greater increases can be seen when looking at adjusted net profit not covered by MSSD. This parameter is 34.8 higher y / y. and amounts to RMB 11.53 billion. Gross profit is RMB 28.55bn, so growth in this particular area was 28.7%.

Earnings per share amounted to RMB 0.0423, and in 2019 the total amount of Xiaomi cash was RMB 66 billion.

The last quarter of 2019 was record-breaking for Xiaomi. Revenues then reached RMB 56.47 billion, which translates into a 27.1% increase on an annual basis. However, this is not the end of good news for shareholders.

Adjusted net profit not covered by IFRS in this period is RMB 2.3 billion, in turn, by 26.5%. more than a year ago. Reported gross profit is RMB 7.84 billion, which is 38.5% better. than in the same period last year.

What does Xiaomi earn on?

Last year, smartphones generated RMD 122.1 billion in revenues for China, and RMB 30.8 billion in Q4 alone. This is an increase of 7.3%, respectively. and 22.8 percent in y / y terms.

The company delivered a total of 124.6 million smartphones to the market in 2019, of which 32.6 million only in the 4th quarter, which translates into an increase of 30.5 percent. Canalys shows that in the fourth quarter of last year, "Xiaomi achieved the highest annual growth in smartphone sales among the five largest manufacturers in the world."

In addition, the company invests in the Internet of Things market and "lifestyle products", which brought RMB 62.1 billion on an annual basis. Here you can see an even bigger increase of 41.7 percent. Also in this case, the 4th quarter turned out to be kind to revenues - RMB 19.5 billion, an increase of 30.5 percent. y / y.

Xiaomi goes like a storm. The Chinese pierced the financial forecasts in 2019


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