Xiaomi either knows what he is doing or is hiding with the hoe to the sun. Xiaomi Mi 10 - first impressions

Let's find out if Xiaomi is better this time. We start testing Xiaomi Mi 10.

You can read the full review of the latest Xiaomi in a few weeks. I took the smartphone out of the package just a few hours ago, so it's too early for any conclusions and definitive opinions.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

In the first contact, Xiaomi Mi 10 makes a pretty good impression.

Taking Xiaomi Mi 10 into your hand, you can clearly feel that we are dealing with a top-of-the-range phone. The construction is solid, perfectly fitted and with 208 g of weight ... quite substantial.

The phone is quite good in the hand, for 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.96 mm. This is mainly due to the curved frames not only on the display (which is more disturbing than helping), but also on the back.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

There is no headphone connector on the edges (small loss). Interestingly, we find a second speaker at the top of the cabinet. Xiaomi Mi 10 offers stereo speakers, but for a known reason instead of using the speaker for calls, Xiaomi decided to equip its phone with one more transducer. But about that in a moment.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

I have only two complaints from the quality of workmanship. The first is the protruding, huge camera module, the twin of Xiaomi Mi Note 10, which I recently tested. You can't lay this phone flat on the counter, it's just physically impossible. The phone misses all sides when we try to touch the screen without taking the smartphone in hand. So I recommend buying a case that will even the difference between the phone and camera housing.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

The case will also be useful to cover the ubiquitous streaks and fingerprints on the glass cover that appear the first time you touch the phone and never disappear. As with any phone with glass backs, except for iPhones 11 Pro, which have matte backs.

The second complaint is of course the lack of resistance to dust and water. Xiaomi Mi 10 is probably the only equipment from this price shelf that is not protected against the elements, which in our increasingly rainy climate can be a big problem.

The screen leaves nothing to be desired.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

The AMOLED panel has a 6.67 "diagonal, 2340 x 1080 px resolution and I can't say a bad word about it. It may change after a few weeks of testing, but at the first contact I can only complain about those unfortunate curved edges, which Samsung has rightly resigned, and which will probably disappear with Xiaomi next year. However, the frame around the screen is very thin and symmetrical on all sides.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

The 90-Hz screen refresh rate is even more enjoyable, although I must admit that next to the 120-Hz Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra it is less noticeable compared to the usual 60-Hz screen refresh rates. However, you feel the difference in the visual fluidity of the interface; scrolling websites, changing desktops and switching between applications is instantaneous.

Of course, this is only partly due to the screen and, to a greater extent, to the great specifications. Snapdragon 856, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB data space is an absolutely top specification and I do not expect that during tests for anything I lacked computing power.

Let's leave the camera for a full review.

Since I received the phone only a few hours ago, I did not have the opportunity to take any representative photos with his cameras.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

Let's leave the assessment for a full review, and on the way I'm going to carry out a comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I wonder which 108-megapixel sensor will win.

Xiaomi Mi 10 - some minor comments and observations.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

After a few hours of fun with the new Xiaomi smartphone, I have more questions than answers, but a few things caught my eye immediately:

  • The vibrating motor is noticeably better than in Xiaomi Mi Note 10.
  • Stereo speakers sound quite ok, but they don't go together with the Galaxy S20 Ultra or iPhone 11, which I also have on my desk.
  • The speaker for calls sounds fantastic.
  • The fingerprint reader on the screen works instantly.
  • Opening the camera application takes suspiciously long, I expect a software update to solve this problem.
  • MIUI 11 is as great a surprise here as it is in Xiaomi Mi Note 10. In my personal ranking, it lands in third place, just behind Motorola and OnePlus.

And that would be enough when it comes to first impressions, completely hot, right out of the box and the first configuration.

Xiaomi Mi 10 reviews

Meanwhile, I remove the SIM card from my iPhone and transfer it to Xiaomi Mi 10. Over the next few weeks I will be using it as the main phone and only then will I be able to tell if at such a high (as for Xiaomi) price, Xiaomi still remains better or maybe he is hitting the sun with a hoe.

Xiaomi either knows what he is doing or he is hijacking the sun. Xiaomi Mi 10 - first impressions


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