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Xiaomi could have finally abandoned the development of its Surge processors

A few years ago Xiaomi entered fully into the processor manufacturers market with its first Xiaomi Surge S1 . A processor focused on the input range and mid-range that against all odds ended up being forgotten.

After this, innumerable rumors and investments by Xiaomi have led us to believe that the firm may be developing a Surge S2. However, according to the most recent information that comes to us from China Xiaomi would have probably abandoned its developer project its own processors .

Apparently, as a renowned expert from the technology industry in China has published , Xiaomi would have abandoned its ambitions to launch part of its smartphones under a proprietary processor, to focus on other types of lower-powered chipset .

Likewise, according to the source Xiaomi would have abandoned the development of the so rumored Surge S2 in order to balance its financial benefit. With this, the firm would be behind diversifying its profits, thus avoiding the high costs involved in research and development, creating its own processor.

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Taking into account the slowdown in the mobile phone market , it is quite logical to think that Xiaomi has abandoned this ambitious project in order to focus on other types of processors whose development involves a lower cost level.

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