Xiaomi adds new modes to the MIUI camera and integrates the new stabilizer Super Stabilizer Plus

Yesterday we told you how Xiaomi further improved the camera of the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10. New capture modes and an advanced stabilization system that will finally reach most of the devices of the firm.

This has been announced by the company itself, detailing each of the improvements that we will see arrive at the native Chamber of MIUI in the next updates. Among them is the new " Super Stabilizer Plus ", an advanced video stabilizer that achieves a more uniform result in our recordings.

In addition, new options have been added in video recording such as a new "soft zoom" and new professional-level parameters such as white balance adjustment, focus options, shutter time, ISO or even exposure in recording videos.

Xiaomi adds new modes to the MIUI camera and integrates the new stabilizer Super Stabilizer Plus. Xiaomi  News

Better compression and automatic videos

Likewise, with this new update of the MIUI camera we will be able to add labels to the videos with the longest duration and the compression of both videos and photos will be improved without losing significant quality.

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Finally, new smart features capable of analyzing our images and videos have been added in order to create automatic videos with added music . These we can edit and add new images, text or even effects.

As we said, this new update has begun to be deployed for the Chinese ROM of MIUI and in principle to the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Later it will be arriving at the latest smartphones released by the firm until it finally ends up reaching the Global ROM of MIUI 11.

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