Windows 10X is taking shape. We tested his both new file managers

Microsoft released a new build of the very early test version of Windows 10X. There are two new products. One can be summarized in two sentences. However, we can talk a little longer about new file managers.

Windows 10X is a completely new Microsoft system, designed for ultra-mobile devices - such as light ultrabooks or tablets. It is supposed to be much lighter, safer and easier to manage than classic Windows. It also doesn't contain any obsolete element kept in classic Windows for backward compatibility - and yet, thanks to the containerization technique, it's compatible with almost all classic Windows applications.

Windows 10X is expected to appear at the end of the year, for now only on tablets with two displays. Over time, it will also appear on other types of devices. Windows 10X is not the successor of Windows 10, but an alternative to it. Classic Windows will still be the choice of those who need a very extensive and complex system for special tasks. We have already published a series of articles about this system for those who want to learn more.

Windows 10X available in the new build. And there are two file managers and patches in the application's operation.

All solutions using old technologies disappear from Windows 10X, including the file explorer known from Windows 10. What will replace him? In the latest build of Windows 10X we will find as many as two file managers. Both have very basic form for now. It is not clear why they coexist, constituting two separate applications.

Why are the following screenshots off-center? The trial version of Windows 10X currently presents the interface only for tablets with two displays. The left side of the screenshot is the left display, the right is the right.

windows 10x file manager

In the screenshot above you can see the file manager that was present in the previous build of Windows 10X. It offers very basic file operations such as copying, deleting or moving between folders. Fortunately, it supports thumbnail preview.

windows 10x file manager

On its left side there are shortcuts to system Libraries and to OneDrive. It is likely that other clouds can also be attached to it in the future.

windows 10x file manager

The older file manager also appears in the form of a dialog box when saving a file in another application. The appearance and functions have been preserved.

windows 10x file manager

In addition, there is a second file manager in the system. For now, for incomprehensible reasons, it is limited to OneDrive only - you cannot view local memory or other clouds from it.

windows 10x file manager

Instead, it offers more views of files and folders.

windows 10x file manager

And various sorting options.

windows 10x file manager

The user can also decide how much OneDrive should load his internet connection.

windows 10x file manager

In addition, classic applications launched in containers already look fully native. They are deprived of the window frame present in the previous build of Windows 10X and behave just like the web and UWP applications natively supported by this system.

For now, it's basics basics. Which is a bit worrying.

We know that premeditated Windows 10X is much less complicated than Windows 10. So probably Windows 10 File Explorer will always be a more powerful tool. However, these prototypes from the new Windows are in a very early stage of development. On the one hand, it is interesting to have contact with a system that is under construction. However, given that Windows 10X is expected to reach customers in six months, the fact that we are still interacting with the early alpha version raises some anxiety. Was it going to be another delay?

Windows 10X is taking shape. We tested his both new file managers


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