WhatsApp Dark Mode is now available to everyone. So you can activate it on your Xiaomi

For several months WhatsApp has been working to bring the dark mode to the design of your application. A long and hard work that has finally been released after countless betas.

Undoubtedly WhatsApp has not been the fastest applications to get the dark mode to the design of your application. Without going any further, Telegram , Facebook and countless day-to-day applications already have this standardized mode for more than half a year.

According to the company, the delay was given by the great challenge of creating a design capable of reducing eye strain in low light situations .

In addition, the WhatsApp team has invested countless resources in research and development in order to maintain high readability and a marked hierarchy in the information .

How to activate it on your Xiaomi smartphone

Once our WhatsApp application has been updated to the latest version available, we find that Dark Mode is deactivated . To activate it on our Xiaomi smartphone and practically on any Android we will only have to perform the following steps:

  1. We go to Settings
  2. Click on Chats
  3. Then click on Theme and depending on our version of Android we will activate the Dark mode. Depending on the version we will find the following options:
    • Android 10 : System Default, Light and Dark.
    • Android 9 : According to battery saving mode, Light and Dark.
    • Android 8 or lower : Light and Dark.

Once activated the "Dark" mode we will see how the whole application takes a darkened design. This in addition to helping us maintain greater eye health will benefit us in terms of autonomy, in case our device has an AMOLED screen.

The entry The Dark Mode of WhatsApp is now available to everyone. So you can activate it on your Xiaomi was first published on xiaomi: Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi .


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