What about homesickness? _Should I switch? Analysis of pros and cons of job-hopping

What about homesickness? _Should I switch? Analysis of pros and cons of job-hopping

Many people, including university graduates, go wherever there is an opportunity when looking for a job. There is no long-term career plan, which matches the reality of China's rapid economic development. However, such a career choice will face the reality that families cannot take care of themselves and they cannot get care of themselves. After employment has been stabilized, should I choose to move across provinces for family reasons? When considering a reason to change jobs, do you consider your family? What about homesickness? How to evaluate the pros and cons of changing jobs? The following is a letter from a netizen and the answer from a career planning helper.

A Hunan girl was introduced to a bank in Guangzhou through her family relationship. She was very satisfied with her work, but she became more and more homesick, especially on holidays. She heard that there was a bank in her hometown in Hunan. Recruiting the same post, but she has no relationship, can not guarantee to go in, and the process of bank recruitment, employment, and regularization is also very long. On the one hand, she cannot take leave for multiple interviews, on the other hand, she is not sure that she can finally get the job .

The question of this netizen is: continue to stay in Guangzhou, which is far from home and works well? Or venture back to Hunan to apply?

My answer is: This question fully illustrates how important it is to consider the place of work and the needs of the family when you are looking for a job after college graduation. You can refer to: Career selection first step_selection area

When the netizen first chose a job, it was more attractive to consider the relationship to enter a city, and the job itself was better and promising. Now I want to change jobs. The reason for changing jobs is not caused by the work itself, but by family problems. The netizen's problem followed the following thinking. After careful analysis, I believe that anyone can make a decision.

The first thing to consider is the question of whether or not you should jump, not how to jump.

Should I change jobs? Should you change your job? The factors to consider are the articles in the column: How to make a choice in the face of new job opportunities?

According to the article's suggestion, job-hopping needs to consider the following questions: "What is my own long-term career goal? What kind of person do I want to be in 10 years? If the current company has long-term development, is there any chance to achieve it? Switch to Hunan Can you help you achieve your career goals faster? "

It is necessary to take out your professional goals and measure repeatedly before you change jobs, otherwise it is a game to follow your feelings. In fact, this netizen has already been very clear. The reason why he wants to change jobs has nothing to do with work. He just misses homesickness. Homesickness is a temporary emotion. Must he use the method of job change to solve it?

Job hopping is a costly matter, especially when hopping across provinces and regions. It is uncertain whether the job will stabilize after the job hopping. In my 2009 career planning guide "Wonderful Jump_Successful Career Planning", I wrote about my emotional job-hopping as follows:

Many failed job-hoppings are caused by impulse, which is caused by "out of breath". There are many things that ca n’t be counted on, such as failing to get the desired promotion and raise; being wrongly criticized by their superiors, or even being demoted or demoted in disguise; having disputes with colleagues, being misunderstood and isolated; being aggrieved by customers Not understood inside the company, etc.

The purpose of job change based on the above reasons is not to join the new unit, but to get rid of the current working environment as soon as possible. Most of the direct reasons for this result are sudden changes in personal emotions caused by emergencies, isolated events, short-term conditions, and local circumstances, rather than long-term, overall work environment problems.

When a person is dominated by emotions, especially when they are angry, they are most likely to make irrational decisions, often resulting in the idea of ​​"leave here first, no matter what the new job is." In this case, leaving a job, choosing a new job is too eager and short-sighted, and it is difficult to find a suitable job. Even if you find a job, it is likely to violate your long-term career plan.

So is this netizen's homesickness a temporary emotion, or is it really an insurmountable problem? Can refer to: What to do to miss home _ Is homesick, or maladjusted at work?


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