We may not recognize the new MacBooks. They are to have ARM processors, USB 4 and notch in the screen

The new MacBooks can be completely different from current designs, both visually and in terms of components. In a year we are going to see ARM processors, USB 4, and the notch information on the screen returns.

Apple regularly refreshes the MacBook line. Behind us are several new premieres, headed by the loud and hot ( literally and figuratively ) MacBook Pro 16 and the new MacBook Air. We are waiting for refreshed MacBook Pro, which maybe will see a new screen with a diagonal of 14 inches and a return to the scissor keyboard in the new edition, namely Magic Keyboard.

The most important novelty is coming, and these are ARM processors.

As the Ming-Chi Kuo analyst in the Apple world reports, Apple is expected to show Macs based on processors made in the ARM architecture next year.

It has long been said about the transition of Macs from Intel (x86) processors to ARM, previously associated with the mobile world. The processors driving iPhones and iPads are designed by Apple in the ARM architecture. A change to a new architecture on Macs would be a great event and a new deal. This would be done in a year, or 15 years after Macs switched from PowerPC architecture to Intel x86 processors.

What exactly do the ARM processors in Maky mean?

There are many consequences of this decision because everything will change. On the hardware side, ARM processors are cheaper than x86, and as much as 40 to 60 percent. They are also much better optimized in terms of energy efficiency, so Macs would benefit from working time.

In terms of performance, Apple A13 (iPhone 11 Pro) and A12Z (iPad Pro) mobile processors now provide more power and performance than Intel-based laptops. In synthetic tests, the iPad Pro 2018 (Apple A12X processor) offers very similar performance to the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 (Intel Core i7 processor with a 2.6 GHz clock). It makes a great impression.

On the logistical side, Apple will free itself from the pace of development imposed by Intel. You won't have to wait for new generations of processors, especially since Apple designs ARM-based proprietary processors.

The biggest challenge will be the issue of software. The new architecture means a complete break with existing solutions, which requires powerful work on the part of both Apple and external developers. Apple will take care of the operating system, where it will get completely new possibilities to implement iOS solutions directly on Maki. There should also be no problems transferring basic applications, such as a browser. However, the biggest challenge will be specialized programs, e.g. for video, photo and sound editing.

Ming-Chi Kuo announces that Apple will show new Macs with ARM processors next year.

For this we have to see USB 4.

The technical specification of the USB 4 standard is already approved, and the first computers with such a port will appear next year, not only from Apple. The specification of USB 4 largely coincides with the specification of the Thunderbolt 3 connector, so in the case of Apple this will not be a great revolution. The speeds will still be up to 40 Gb / s, and the plug will still be USB-C.

What about the note? Apple is thinking about introducing this element to Macs.

Notch in the iPhone appeared with the implementation of the Face ID system. If you believe the reports , the Face ID camera would also go to Macs, both for MacBooks and iMacs. Apple portable computers are currently using Touch ID, and desktop computers (iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro) can be unlocked with a code or the presence of an Apple Watch.

Face ID on the computer would actually be advisable, but I don't believe in using notch. This idea defends only on the MacBook, and only on the assumption that Apple decides to radically slim the frames around the display. In the case of iMac, this does not make much sense.

Either way, 2021 promises to be a breakthrough for Apple computers. ARM processors represent a new deal and a very strong departure from what the competition offers affiliated under Microsoft windows. If you were supposed to buy a MacBook in the near future, it may be worth to hold off until next year.

We may not recognize the new MacBooks. They are to have ARM processors, USB 4 and notch on the screen


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