We know the capacity of the Xbox X Series. The console will get unique SSD cards. There will also be support for HDD

We already know what data capacity the Xbox Series X will offer and how we can expand it. The platform receives a dedicated card NVMe SSD from Seagate. We will also use external HDD to a limited extent.

Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox Series X will get a 1 TB SSD. A lot and not much, depending on the perspective. On the one hand, 1 TB today is not enough for many players with PS4 or Xbox One. On the other hand, larger SSD capacity would significantly translate into the price of the new platform. Already this one terabyte will have a gigantic effect on how much we will pay for the Xbox X Series. It will definitely be more expensive than the Xbox One.

Microsoft has prepared a very interesting solution regarding capacity expansion.

On the back of the Xbox Series X there is a fairly wide slot. In its place we will insert a special carrier that looks a bit like memory cards from the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 era. These types of cards are really SSD memories from Seagate, connected using NVMe technology. The Digital Foundry editors held them in their hands and admit they are surprisingly heavy. A significant mass is to protect the cards against the negative effects of temperature on the media.

It is not known how much these SSD cards will cost. Microsoft will start with the 1 TB model. Perhaps later it will expand the offer to larger capacities. People interested in buying a unique medium, however, will have to prepare for a significant expense. Good memory of this type with a capacity of 1 TB today costs around 600 - 800 PLN. And it will probably be more expensive, due to the proprietary form and unique design dedicated to XSX.

Of course, like everything, SSD cards will also stand over time. I am convinced that around the middle of the Xbox X Series life cycle, we'll buy 1 TB media for as much as a new video game. I doubt Microsoft would want to repeat the error of PS Vita and its horrendously expensive cards. However, if we are thinking about buying an external SSD for the premiere of XSX, it's better to prepare an additional one thousand zlotys.

Fortunately, the Xbox Series X works with external HDDs. Partly.

The good news is that we will connect HDD to the new Microsoft console via USB 3.2. It must be considered bad that we will not launch any new generation games from HDD. That is, written specifically for the Xbox X Series. External HDD will be useful only as a magazine for games of previous generations, launched in backward compatibility mode.

This means that on an external HDD we can keep productions from Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, thus saving SSD memory. That's great news. Especially for those who already have a large collection of games. Forza Motorsport 7, Gears 4, State of Decay 2, Sea of ​​Theves, Alan Wake - we will be able to throw all this onto an HDD connected to the Xbox X Series with a USB cable.

I am positively surprised. Support for disk hard drives is something that I did not expect. It is also nice that the Xbox X Series can be expanded with additional SSD capacity. Contrary to appearances, it was not as obvious as it may seem .

We know the capacity of the Xbox X Series. The console will get unique SSD cards. There will also be support for HDD


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