Twisto enables payment via Google Pay. This is just the beginning of the revolution

Twisto set itself the goal of liquidating plastic payment cards. The startup has just taken an important step in its implementation. From March users of the application can use Google Pay.

Twisto wants to completely opt out of traditional cards by 2024 . He is introducing the foundations for this ambitious project now. The latest application update brings the opportunity to connect your card to a Google digital wallet.

For now, only Android users will be able to pay with the phone. Twisto, however, is also working on implementing Apple Pay. People using iOS should expect it in April this year.

Facilitation for new customers

Twisto also informs that new customers do not have to wait for the cards to be sent. This is a lot easier, because although the process of installing the application and registration only takes a few minutes, the waiting time for receiving "plastic" can take up to two weeks. You can now use Twisto basically right away.

The virtual card can be ordered free of charge in the Card section or by selecting the appropriate option during registration. Just like its traditional counterpart, it will have a number, expiry date and CVC code.

Thanks to the virtual card, all new Twisto customers can shop online without waiting for the shipment of its plastic counterpart. Google Pay holders can also use it for mobile payments in stationary stores. After implementing Apple Pay, the virtual card will be an alternative to plastic for all our customers - explains Renata Salata, Chief Growth Officer at Twisto.

Fintech's plans seem ambitious, but its representatives indicate that in Poland it already has 2.5 million people with virtual cards in its smartphones. Startup users will naturally be more focused on innovative solutions than e.g. bank customers. So it may turn out that Twisto is not so much with a hoe to the sun as it is just slightly ahead of the market trend. Given the growing popularity of electronic banking and banking applications, the fact that smartphones and smartwatches will become the place from which we manage our finances seems practically a foregone conclusion.

Twisto continues its expansion in Poland

The Czech startup already has over 50,000 on the Vistula users. Above all, it offers Polish users a multi-currency card that allows currency conversion at Mastercard rates, without any additional commissions. In addition, it also allows you to use the deferred payment mechanism , which means that Twisto transfers money to the seller's account, and we have to pay the balance within the next 45 days. Added to this is the Spilt function, allowing the account to be split into several people.

In the coming months, the Czech startup wants to introduce easily available 0 percent installments. The service is already in its home market. Customers can use installments there for purchases up to 3,000. crowns (approx. PLN 500), spreading the payment between 3 and 12 months.

Twisto allows payment via Google Pay. This is just the beginning of the revolution


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