This phone can mix up at a low price shelf. The Galaxy A31 specification has hit the network

Galaxy A31 is one of the upcoming Samsung smartphones. The first information about its specifications was released to the network.

Samsung is the undisputed leader of the mobile market in terms of quantity, if you look at the sale of smartphones. His phones from the Galaxy A line are also very popular, also in Poland. These products belong, depending on the model, to the low or medium price and performance shelf.

Samsung Galaxy A - offer for 2020

Due to the low prices, the premieres of these smartphones do not arouse such emotions as the debut of new devices from the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note families. Despite this appliances sold under the flag of a Galaxy they were in 2019. Climax offer Korean manufacturer, especially for mobile operators. It seems that this year will be similar.

Currently, we are testing the first Samsung designs this year from a slightly higher shelf, i.e. Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 . Soon the debut of the officially unannounced Galaxy A31, which is a slightly weaker, but also a slightly cheaper phone. Thanks to the Geekbench database, we already know what to expect from it.


Galaxy A31 - specification

The first information about this phone appeared already in November 2019. Now they have been confirmed in the Geekbench database, where the model code name SM-A315F, i.e. the Galaxy A31, scored 349 points in the single-core processor test and 1291 points in the multi-core test.

The record in Geekbench shows that the Galaxy A31 uses a processor marked MediaTek MT6768V / CA. This unit is better known by the name Helio P65. In addition, there was 4 GB of RAM on board. It is possible that there will be other variants that differ in the amount of memory.

What else is worth knowing about the Galaxy A31?

The other parameters of the Galaxy A31 Geekbench database does not describe, although information on them has already been released to the network. They show that the phone will be equipped with 64 GB of space for the system and data, and its battery will have a capacity of 5000 mAh.

The network also received information that the camera in the Galaxy A31 will have two lenses: 48 megapixels and 5 megapixels. Geekbench confirms that the new Samsung phone works under the control of Android 10, but it was difficult to expect anything else in 2020. After all, Android 11 will soon debut ...

This phone can mix up at a low price shelf. The specification of Galaxy A31 has hit the network


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