There are first results. Mock exam for eighth graders failed CKE

Good news at the beginning of the week: your child almost certainly did better with the eighth-grade mock exam than the organizing Central Examination Board.

The exam started all over Poland at 9 am, or at least he was about to start then, because the server of the Central Examination Board, from which questions could be downloaded, quickly began to rain and pant. Twitter requests from students to share questions via other channels appeared.

Eight-grade mock exam in computer science of the Polish language.

This screenshot probably best illustrates the situation - it's tenth, theoretically, the exam should have been going on for an hour, while on the CKE Twitter there are more and more posts informing about where to download exam sheets.

The site has been working intermittently from the very beginning. Already a quarter after nine the first entry appeared, which asked all those unable to get to it to use one of the sites of the Regional Examination Boards. After a quarter of an hour of further technical problems, information appeared that the sheets were also available on the website of the Ministry of National Education. The hiccups of the server should not theoretically surprise anyone ... and yet.

Do mock exams make sense in such conditions?

This year's exam is unique. Students fill it in at home and send it to their teachers for checking. In theory, they have to do it themselves and at the time specified by the examiners, in practice ... well, it varies. It is impossible to check the time, if some students could download the exam after an hour, it is impossible to check how many answers have been googled, determined in groups in the classroom or as part of the collective knowledge of social media. And nothing that the results of the exam do not affect the children's grades - the experience itself was taken away from them, and that's what test tests are all about.

Even people who want to take the exam seriously will be harmed. The mock exam is not just about going through tasks similar to those that will be on the real test, but also about getting used to a very unusual exam situation. Solemn atmosphere, silence in the room, more alert than the teacher's eye every day, seriousness and nervousness - all this accompanies the exam and with this you have to get used to, know your reactions to it. Meanwhile, this year's mock exam did not even mimic the nerve well, because the atmosphere of tragifarsa is dominating. It's hard to talk about the similarity of experience when we do homework in a room with a telephone at hand and parents having a conference in Skype next door.

The worst part is that we can't offer children anything better at the moment.

This is only a mock exam, but the specter of the real one is getting closer.

The experiment called 'online exam' ( just like an online school ) has probably failed. For now, I can't imagine that real exams would take place in such conditions. The problem is that the rulers can have much more vivid imagination than me. The eighth graders will write their tests from April 21 to 23. The government's plan assumes that the epidemic will last until Easter. It is a pity that coronavirus may have other plans.

Tomorrow, a math exam is to be held, the day after tomorrow, 1 April, in a foreign language.

There are first results. Mock exam for eighth graders failed CKE


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