The principle of a clean desk? At #HomeOffice, the principle of a clean home prevails

The coronavirus meant that a whole host of people had to start working from home. This is a huge change for them, which turns their private and professional life upside down. However, there are a few tips that help you find yourself in the new reality and even like it.

I work in online media for almost 15 years and spent the vast majority of this period working at home. Only for three years I had to do some work in the physical editorial office, but even then I limited the time spent there to the absolute minimum. If I could do something from home, I worked from there.

It is not, however, that work at home is idyllic. It is in our private space that there are many distractions that can ruin the working day of a person unprepared for such difficulties. Social media reports show that the biggest distractions are movies and series ready to watch, or books or video games.

However, there is something much worse than them - disorder.

I am a pedant. I can't work alone if my surroundings are not just clean. I regularly interrupt my work because I get irritated by dirty plates in the sink, dust lint on the floor, an unmade bed or stains on the mirror or shower. The principle known from studies works here, according to which if we can do anything or learn during the session, we always choose the first option.

Over time, I learned to deal with this problem. First of all, I try to make my apartment clean in the evening. Thanks to this, I can be sure that when I get up full of energy to work in the morning, nothing will bother me. Sometimes I even force myself to look for something to clean, but even when I can do it, the process of cleaning the apartment takes only a few quarters, not long hours. Thus, I get to work faster and ... I finish it faster.

In this way, I can spend the time saved on reading a book, comic book, watching your favorite movie on the streaming service or ... shopping. The market does not like a vacuum, and the place of closed stores and shopping malls was taken by increasingly thriving online stores that can deliver goods to us even on the same day.

Let it not happen, I don't clean myself. Robots help me with this .

By far the most important is the iRobot Roomba i7 + cleaning robot. An important feature of this robot is the fact that it can clean the whole apartment or only specific rooms that I specify. In addition, it gets rid of dirt in a bag placed in the cleaning dock. These two solutions mean that any contact with the automatic vacuum cleaner and the waste collected by it takes place only once every few months.

Usually, before work, I set Roomba to clean the whole apartment, excluding my office, and when I finish work, the robot only starts cleaning the office. Thanks to this, he never interferes with my duties. Less often, every two or three days I also release a second robot - mopping Braava . On weekends, in turn, combined cleaning starts, i.e. Roomba first vacuums the entire apartment, and when it finishes, Braava does the wet work. Very useful case.

I must admit that I hate washing dishes. For several years I have a dishwasher that does it for me and I can't imagine my life without it. It also gives an interesting psychological effect. According to my brain, dishes are immediately clean after being put in the dishwasher. What matters is that I did my job and prepared it for actual washing, not that they are messy yesterday's dinner. It may sound silly, but I guarantee it works. In addition, the dishwasher opens even after washing itself, so the dishes inside it do not "kale" inside.

The house where you work gets dirty faster.

If you have been at the Home Office for several days, you have certainly noticed it. Until the coronavirus forced us to sit in homes and apartments, we spent relatively little time in them, which made the mess smaller in them and ... could not bother us at all. Staying in your four corners for a few days or weeks will make us appreciate the order around us in the office and the quiet heroes in the form of a cleaning service that enters our offices shortly after we leave. We should also understand, or rather convince ourselves that our homes get dirty everyday, so we should clean them every day.

* The material was created in cooperation with the iRobot brand.

The principle of a clean desk? At #HomeOffice there is a clean home rule


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