The new Black Shark 3 receives more than 3.6 million reservations in just 24 hours after its presentation

Black Shark has gained great prominence among the best performing smartphones that we currently find in the market. Unlike the Asus ROG and Nubia Red Magic, the animal name firm offers us terminals that maintain a great quality / price ratio totally aimed at mobile game lovers.

An example of them are the new Black Shark 3 presented yesterday, two high-performance devices that in addition to offering us a great potential to run virtually any mobile game, offer great options to improve the gaming experience and the competitive level.

Without going any further, the Black Shark 3 Pro has surprised by its innovative physical triggers capable of hiding under the terminal's own chassis . These together with the powerful stereo sound, voice recognition and its 7.1-inch screen offers us all those that we have been looking for in the market of portable video consoles but together with the advantages of having an Android system.

More than 3.6 million reservations in just 24 hours

Such has been the success of the new Black Shark 3, that just 24 hours after its presentation the number of reservations exceeds 3.6 million in Jingdong, one of the most recognized online stores in China.

New Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro, features, specifications, price and date. Xiaomi Addicted News

A quite surprising figure if we consider that it is a mobile device destined for a specific market and usually aimed at gamers . In addition, its price of around 500 euros to change, make the reserve figures a success for this gaming firm that seems to follow the steps of Xiaomi.

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