The largest stores in Poland have been closed. What can you buy and what do you need to order online?

MediaMarkt closes all stores in Poland, but continues to sell online.

Due to the introduction of the state of emergency epidemic yesterday across the country, many things have changed. Government officials decided to close all stores in shopping malls, except for grocery stores, pharmacies and laundries. However, this does not mean that you will not buy anything except pasta and toilet paper.

The news about trade restrictions was not too much of a surprise. After all, we saw what the coronavirus did in China or Italy, and no one deluded that our country would miss it. No wonder that the owners of large networks also prepared plans for such an eventuality.

Two weeks? It's time to catch up on console games

The coronavirus pandemic has grounded Poles at home for the next two weeks, and it is not known whether or not for longer. This is certainly not a comfortable situation, but if we still have to sit at home, it may be an opportunity to catch up on series or return to games after many years. Where can you buy a console, TV or smartphone now that no store in shopping centers is open?

MediaMarkt closed all its stationary stores until further notice (including those not located in galleries and shopping centers). However, this does not mean the end of the sale. Network representatives inform that all Internet orders placed so far are still being processed. What's more, if you ordered the goods with collection in a stationary store and you did not manage to collect it before closing, it will be delivered to your address.

As you can see, the company quickly and effectively adapted to the new situation and does not intend to cut off its clients from the range.

A quick look at the websites of other stores confirms that other chains are also doing their best to continue serving their customers. X-kom will contact by phone with his clients who have placed orders with the option of picking up at the salon. Media Expert also confirms that online sales will continue smoothly. Similarly to its predecessors, the Neonet chain of stores will agree with its customers how to collect ordered equipment and at the same time encourage online shopping. To my surprise, despite the passage of almost the whole day, coronavirus does not exist on the RTV EURO AGD website or the store so far, although it will probably change soon.

Are you in the middle of renovating the apartment?

If you are just finishing decorating an apartment, you are in the process of renovation, and all large stores with furniture and interior have been closed, you will not have to sleep on the mattress. On bizblog, we published a statement from Ikea, in which network representatives say that despite closing stores, online sales will continue.

The Castorama chain of stores has chosen an unusual solution. Most chain stores will continue to work (except for stores in Tarnów, Zielona Góra and CH Wola Park in Warsaw). Network representatives ask you to limit purchases to a minimum and encourage you to order goods online and collect them on-site (as part of the click & collect service) or to order with home delivery.

After the initial panic and huge queues in the stores over the last two days, the situation today seems a bit calmer. Traders reassure that the goods to the stores will still be delivered and no shortages are expected in the near future. Similarly, networks offering the sale of electronic or construction goods are easily adapting to the current situation and will continue to sell on the internet. Perhaps throughout this situation many people will choose to shop at a distance for the first time in their lives. Contrary to appearances, among us there are many people who bypassed this form of shopping with a wide arc, but now the situation can force them to shop online.

Do you think that the prolonged epidemic threat can have a long-term impact on the way we supply ourselves with the things we need?

The largest stores in Poland have been closed. What can you buy and what do you need to order online?


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