The coronavirus effect: contact-free delivery with Delicious and Parcel Lockers opened with an application

You won't send a Nintendo Switch family from Italy to have something to do during quarantine, you won't send your rice noodles to friends in Mongolia to have something to eat. In any case not by the Polish Post.

Polish Post has announced that it will not accept parcels sent to these countries.

Polish Post refuses to handle parcels to and from Italy

The announcement of Poczta Polska is the result of cancellation of flights to Italy by airlines. The country that has suffered the most in Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic has been isolated to limit the spread of the virus to the rest of the countries. A similar decision should not surprise anyone too much, accepting shipments to China has been suspended as early as February.

Slightly more surprising is the second country to which Poczta Polska suspends parcel delivery. Although at the moment there was only one incident of coronavirus infection in Mongolia, the authorities of this country responded to it immediately. Quarantine was immediately introduced in the province in which the first patient appeared, and postal services were suspended in the country.

Courier companies say they are prepared

In an interview with Rzeczpospolita, representatives of courier companies assured that they were monitoring the spread of coronavirus in Poland and were keeping their finger on the pulse. For now, they primarily introduce additional precautions for the good of their employees and clients who use their services.

Caution is advised, keeping a proper distance, avoiding entering homes and observing hygiene rules. Most companies declare that their employees have been provided with disinfection gels in advance.

Open parcel lockers with the application

InPost recommends ordering parcels to Paczkomaty, and use the application to operate the device that will allow us not to use the touch screen.

Download the InPost Mobile app for iOS or Android.

If instead of going to the parcel locker you have to go to the post office, you may have an unpleasant surprise, because some offices have changed their opening hours. Before leaving the house, check the Polish Post's website for information on business hours. introduces contact-free delivery has announced that it is starting contactless food delivery. will provide delivery that avoids physical contact. It will cover all restaurants on the site. Suppliers are instructed to ring customers' doors and leave a bag of food outside the door.

Current information about coronavirus in Poland can be found here . The coronavirus map of Poland is available here .

Coronavirus effect: contact-free delivery with Delicious and Parcel Lockers opened with an application


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