The 101-year-old Italian survived the flu epidemic, World War II and defeated the coronavirus

A 101-year-old resident of Italy, referred to by the media only with the initials of P., defeated the flu of 1918 in his life, World War II, and now also the coronavirus.

P. was admitted to the Infirmi Hospital in Rimini last week after being diagnosed with COVID-19 disease due to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The patient was born in 1919, when a flu epidemic spread throughout the world, which killed 600,000 in Italy alone. people. On Wednesday, at the age of 101, P. was discharged from hospital after passing COVID-19.

In a statement published in the local RiminiToday daily, Gloria Lisi, deputy mayor of Rimini, wrote:

Mr. P. from Rimini was born in 1919 during another tragic pandemic. In his life he saw everything, hunger, pain, progress, crisis and rebirth. Once again, after exceeding the age of 100, fate set him another challenge, invisible and terrifying. Last week, P. was admitted to the hospital in Rimini after he was diagnosed with COVID-19. (...) Despite his age, Mr. P. succeeded. Tonight his family took him home.

Super grandmother from Fanano

Mr. P. is not the first case of a senior in advanced age who survived a meeting with COVID-19. A few days ago, a 95-year-old patient left the hospital in Pavullo nel Frignano in the province of Modena, who came there on March 5 with a slight cough and a high fever. The tests confirmed the presence of coronavirus. After several weeks of antibiotic therapy, however, the symptoms began to subside, and recent tests confirmed that she was able to defeat the coronavirus.

Situation in Italy

According to the latest data, Italy is leading among countries in terms of COVID-19 infection that ended in death. They also overtook China in the number of confirmed infections. However, the rate of increase in infection gradually slows down.

The 101-year-old Italian survived the flu epidemic, World War II and defeated the coronavirus


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