Teufel Cinebar Lux, a hell of a good soundbar to which you don t have to connect a subwoofer

Teufel has been known for years for quite conservative audio equipment, valued in audiophile circles. What happens when a producer with such a reputation creates a modern soundbar in which we don't find a single lamp ?

Teufel Cinebar Lux is a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer, equipped with 12 transducers arranged along the entire length of the structure and oriented in such a way that the sound propagates in four directions (towards the user, sideways and upwards), thus creating a three-dimensional audio effect.

Teufel Cinebar Lux - a universal multimedia soundbar

How does the specification work out in practice? To be honest, at first I was a bit disappointed when, right after taking the soundbar out of the box, I started playing my favorite albums on it. In this respect, the biggest downside was the rather flat bass, which, combined with the fact that music discs are prepared with stereo sets in mind, made my first impression very average .

Well, but the soundbars are made with a slightly different purpose in mind. Therefore, right after listening to the CDs it was time for games and movies. Cinebar Lux is much better in this application. I would say even perfectly. Especially when the Dynamore function is enabled, which engages the top and side speakers to build space and makes the sound panning clearly audible in every scene.

Yes, in movies and well-sounded games, Cinebar Lux shows its full potential. In addition to great space, the second, equally important in my opinion, advantage of this equipment is the generation of sound without any interference. All frequencies are perfectly separated from each other, thanks to which without any major problems in the movie or game soundtrack you can catch all, even the smallest nuances added to them by the sound engineers.

The soundbar is of course compatible with Dolby and DTS standards, and its configuration out of the box is very easy. Of course, you can help the mobile application that offers users several additional functions that we will not find on the remote control. The most important of them is to adjust the settings to the distance from which we will most often listen to the soundbar.

As for the other built-in functions, important from the user's perspective, I would mention Dynamore here once again, which works so well that I haven't found a single reason why it should be turned off. I don't have to write about the fact that this class of equipment has a digital equilizer. However, it is worth mentioning its night mode, thanks to which my neighbors did not find out how many times I had to watch Interstellar and Blade Runner 2049 for this test, and I could still enjoy the detail of the sound.

Teufel Cinebar Lux is a very good soundbar, but it failed to fully deceive physics

Yes, my summary will start from the fact that, despite the excellent clarity and spaciousness of sound in movies and games, I still lacked a deeper bass that would be generated by a larger transducer that goes beyond the dimensions of the soundbar.

Of course, Teufel offers a solution to this issue in the form of an optional subwoofer that you can buy. However, this is a bit disturbing the philosophy of the soundbar model, which is to be a single sound source and take up as little space as possible at home.

Anyway, the lack of deeper bass doesn't affect games or movies so much. This drawback can only be heard when listening to music discs. In movies and games, this lack of bass is perfectly masked by spatial systems, thanks to which our hearing focuses on all, even the smallest details, generated by the soundbar.

Therefore, I would recommend this equipment to people who would like to enrich their sound experience while watching movies and playing games. In this role, it works great and does not require the user to save space in the living room for additional speakers and a subwoofer. And when it comes to listening to music, Teufel has in its offer devices that will prove themselves much better in this task.

Teufel Soundbar Cinebar Lux - specification

  • Power: 150W
  • Dimensions and weight: 13.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 114 cm, 4.4 kg
  • Connectors: optical, HDMI, 3.5 mm jack, subwoofer, USB 2.0
  • Supported standards: Dolby Digital, DTS
  • WiFi standard: 802.11b / g / n / ac
  • Price: 3399 PLN

Teufel Cinebar Lux, a hell of a good soundbar to which you don't have to connect a subwoofer


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