Stay at home - even your WiFi reminds you

Everywhere we hear the encouragement to stay at home. Voluntary enclosure in four walls is key in the current situation.

Books , games , series , movies , additional internet packages , and all to keep us in one place a little longer. A large part of the action stay at home, it could be called - take advantage of our new trial period or occasional discounts. Don't get me wrong, these are usually great offers, which I gladly use myself (I recommend the "Age of Innocence" in the form of an audiobook on Empik GO), but there are also, however, slightly more creative ways of calling us to stay in your own four walls and devote yourself a bit more active pastimes.

Stay at home - even your WiFi reminds you.

Many users of wireless networks have changed the SSID on their own, which is the network identifier to one that reminds you that staying at home is the best thing we can do during a pandemic.

IPhone users in Germany, Belgium, Nigeria and several other countries of the world may notice that when they go out of WiFi range (or when they turn it off themselves) on their phones will appear next to the icon showing the signal strength of the network, #StayHome appeal. Just a small reminder to return with four letters to the sofa and not move beyond the length of the virtual leash.

In saving the world by sitting quietly at home, Zenly tries to support us. The application to share the location with friends and family, has gamified quarantine. A leader board appears in it, on which we can follow our struggles with the soul of a local traveler who has just been discovered.

Points for staying at home count both for the most time spent in the total and for the longest time spent in one run. How spicy and fierce this competition will be depends only on you and your friends if you talk them into downloading this application.

You have enough, I understand that. Throw everything and drive (with your finger on the map) in the Bieszczady Mountains, to Radzionków or even fly to space for a moment.

The fact that our vacation fell in the middle of quarantine (the true story of the author of the text, I accept condolences in the comments) does not have to stop us from exploring.

The tent from the blanket can be set up in the middle of the room, pour tea from a mug into a thermos, and start Google Maps on your phone and start hunting for lost treasures (or, in the darker version, solving old criminal puzzles ). It doesn't matter if we want to make a round of small towns on Instagram, stopping in the charming Radzionków for a longer time, whether we want to move thousands of years in time and look in three dimensions to the famous Chauvet Cave with the help of the Google Arts and Culture application, or maybe we are drawn into space with Google Earth , we can do all this without leaving home.

Tired of the expedition, but still hungry for new sensations, we can visit the temples of culture. For those who are hungry for art, museums have a huge offer of films, virtual exhibitions and online walks. If you have never been to the Warsaw Uprising Museum, in POLIN or somehow you missed a class trip to Wawel, we sit in front of the computers and enjoy catching up.

You don't have to give up your hobby right away, even if it's parkour.

We always lack time to cultivate some hobbies. When the daily commuting finally came off, and friends do not take us again from reading, we can finally finish the last 50 pages of "Crime and Punishment", which we have put off reading from the final exams. When you finish, look with satisfaction at the CV, in which our interest has always been reading (sounds wise, though on average we absorb half a page a year), music (we like every, if it was Polish hip hop) and crocheting clothes for dachshunds (we do not have it is true that the dachshund or crochet, but we have great plans and a lot of desire, and want it as you know, so damn lack of equipment).

Well, maybe during quarantine we will finally discover our true passions (it is best that it turns out that it is sewing protective masks for doctors or love for 3d printers ), if we are well-known writers, we will write a new novel , or finally begin to practice. On Facebook, there is no shortage of online exercise offers from Krav Magi, through fitness to yoga.

If you still have any doubts whether you can really stay at home instead of meeting Kaśka from the block next door, because plotting on the phone is not the same, I remind you - want to be able to.

If he can do parkour at home, you will also find a way to continue your hobby in the comfort of four walls.

Stay at home - even your WiFi reminds you


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