Sony matchmakers Kojima and Konami because they dream of Silent Hill for PS5 and PSVR2. Meanwhile, Konami has its own agenda

Silent Hill is a series of the best interactive horror films ever made. Unfortunately, over the years, Konami gave the great brand to the hands of less and less talented artisans, and then completely gave up the production of further parts of the horror. Until now.

It's been five years since the debut of PT - a terrifying demo that turned out to be a preview of Silent Hills. The plans were beautiful and ambitious. The visionary game designer Hideo Kojima and the talented director del Toro were to work at Silent Hills. Norman Reedus himself would play the main character in a chilling adventure. The PT demo was a powerful experience, so fans could not wait for the finished game.

Unfortunately, Silent Hills has never been created.

Hideo Kojima came into conflict with the financing company Konami. On the one hand, we had an eccentric notoriously failing to meet deadlines and budgets. On the other hand, a soulless corporation playing below the belt, preferring to focus on other sectors of activity. The parties split up, and Kojima and his studio received funding from Sony to create the Death Stranding game.

Now Sony is trying to reconcile the game developer and the Japanese publisher. The editors of Rely on Horror are confident of behind-the-scenes actions by PlayStation creators. You would like to receive permission from Konami to create the game under the Silent Hill license. Hideo Kojima would be responsible for it, creating a product dedicated to PlayStation 5 and virtual reality goggles PSVR2.

Sony is aware of how warmly PT was received in the horror community. Five years after the demo release, players are constantly looking for new elements and secrets in it . Silent Hills has become something of a modern myth, urban legend and Sony would love to use this capital to promote new VR goggles.

Meanwhile, Konami has his own idea for the Silent Hill brand.

Rely on Horror trusted sources report that Konami has been working on the new installment of the game for a year. Their interactive horror is supposed to be something like a reset for the whole series. The publisher managed to recruit outstanding people who are responsible for the success of this brand. Konami works at Silent Hill from Masahiro Ito - designer of monsters from the first four covers. Ito was in the mind of Ito the idea for twisted nurses or the Pyramid-headed.

Konami also acquired Keiichiro Toyama - the main screenwriter of the first installment. In addition, Akira Yamaoka - a beloved music composer who works on the reset of Silent Hill - has created timeless songs that give the horror series a real soul. Beautiful, scary and sad, Yamaoka's songs formed this series and gave it a final touch.

With such strong names gathered on one project, Konami does not have to share the license with Sony. Silent Hill may be for this publisher an attempt to redeem in the eyes of players. Let's make an appointment: it certainly wasn't disappointing Metal Gear Survive. One thing is for sure: not only players want the return of the Silent Hill series. The same goes for big companies in the industry, which should please every fan of interactive horror movies.

Sony matchmakers Kojima and Konami because they dream of Silent Hill for PS5 and PSVR2. Meanwhile Konami has his own agenda


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