Small business without fiber access loses? In Play they show that not necessarily

Today, building even the smallest business model without Internet access makes no sense. But does the lack of fiber optics eventually close this door? Play's proposals under 5G technology contradict this.

Even in 2015, the number of digitally excluded on the Vistula was estimated at even 9 million. In 2018, there would be significantly fewer such people, i.e. 5 million. Then only 10 percent. our small and medium entrepreneurs sold their goods over the internet. For comparison: in the EU - 17% The 5G technology, including the radio connection offered soon by Play, will certainly be a chance to catch up with the European leaders.

5G technology enters the living rooms and winks at the business.

According to a report by Deloitte Technology , only last year 25 fifth-generation network services were implemented by 25 operators in the world. In the next 12 months, another 26 are to decide on such a step. In Poland, Play does not want to give anything to others, who has already submitted to the Office of Electronic Communications an application for permission for the first commercial launch of 5G in Gdynia. This would operate at 2100 MHz.

The inauguration of cooperation with the city of Gdynia as the first 5G city in Poland is a unique event that allows Play to introduce the local community to the path of the nationwide development of the latest generation of technologies - says Jean Marc Harion, President of Play .

Play has planned 101 5G base stations in the Tri-City - so only there it will launch more of them than the competition currently uses across the country. The operator had previously signed with the city authorities - accompanied by Minister Wanda Buk from the Ministry of Digitization - a memorandum. Violet representatives along with Gdynia officials will soon be convincing in various ways that 5G technology is most suitable for the local community, including "students, seniors and home users". The SME sector is also to find a place in this new puzzle.

However, this is not the end. By the end of February, 5G Play will be available in 16 cities with 500 base stations, covering 5 largest metropolises and 11 smaller towns. Thus, the 5G range from Play is to be available in Warsaw, Wrocław and Krakow, but also in tourist-associated towns: in Szczyrk, Zakopane, Karpacz, Augustów, Sopot and Kołobrzeg.

Thanks to the intensive development of 5G infrastructure and experience gathered in the Tri-City, Toruń, Sokołów Podlaski and Grójec, we are ready to commercialize 5G - announces Jean Marc Harion .

As part of its online expansion, Play also offers - in the case of B2B and B2C subscriptions - twice as much internet. This option is available to both new Play customers and existing customers who decide to extend the contract.

Because the radio connection doesn't need fiber optics.

Interestingly: the proposal related to 5G technology for small and medium-sized enterprises can also be very helpful wherever the existing Internet connections leave much to be desired, and the optical fiber is not even to be seen. Everything thanks to the so-called Fixed Wireless Access, i.e. access to the Internet via a radio network with a transmission speed comparable to that provided by high-speed cable connections. The signal delay in this case is to be negligible - counted in milliseconds.

This technique allows Play to transfer data over ultra-fast broadband to suburban and rural areas, supporting home and business applications where installing and maintaining fiber optic links is extremely costly. This, in turn, may be crucial for these economic activities that are just starting up or are already successfully operating on the market.

The possibility of using a fast internet connection (either via fiber optics or radio) - in the context of the development of small and medium business - is very important. Both in self-organization and in corporate contacts outside.

Play radio offer in the second half of the year

The Play offer regarding the radio connection within the 5G network will probably be known in the second half of the year, after organizing the frequency auction to provide services in 5G (from 3.4 GHz to 3.8 GHz). Already in 2019, the heads of the largest mobile networks estimated that expenditure on the development of 5G networks in our country may reach even PLN 20 billion. But the benefits are to be much greater. According to the report of the Employers of Poland and Accenture report "5G network in Poland. Opportunities and challenges "as early as 2018, the spread of broadband internet meant a benefit to the Treasury worth PLN 10.1 billion. Only local governments were to receive PLN 219 million in this respect.

* The material was created in cooperation with Play

Small business without fiber access loses? In Play they show that not necessarily


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