Sky dreams in the best photos and films from drone

Fig. Vincent Chen

The 5th edition of the largest drone photography and film competition was resolved. The winning works of Skypixel Aerial Photo & Video Contest is a sky journey into the world of dreams. We need such pictures more than ever in recent years.

Skypixel Aerial Photo & Video Contest has been organized since 2014. During this time, over 18 million artists from 140 countries submitted their photos. Every year, the competition is a mine of fantastic aerial photos, and recently also of films. This year's 5th edition of the competition is no exception in this respect. Category winners and finalists have received prize packages from sponsors worth over 117 thousand. dollars. The creators competed in four categories: City, Travel, Nature and Sport.

A dream in Java and even above it

Brilliant colors, structures, beauty of nature and great processing - these are the words that can describe the fantastic photo of Tony Wang, who received the Grand Prix of the 5th edition of the Skypixel competition.

Indonesia has a reputation as a volcanic country. Among over 400 volcanoes, 129 are active volcanoes. At two in the morning my team and I went to the most unique viewing platform of Mount Bromo National Park. After photographing the volcano with the Milky Way, the sky gradually lit up. I decided to use the DJI drone perspective to see the sunrise of this volcanic park. When the first rays of the sun reached the volcano, there was nothing more beautiful than this moment - Tony Wang, Grand Prix winner of the 5th edition of the Skypixel competition.

Drone Freeride

The best film was considered the work of Sam Favret, directed by Maxime Moulin. This original film presents freeride skiing and was fully recorded from the drone.

Come aboard an intensive three-minute skiing trip through the Aiguilles Rouges of Chamonix, with no tricks or tricks and no music. Instead, the sound of the elements takes an honorable place, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of tracks of a local skier from Chamonix - Maxime Moulin.

The best photos of the 5th edition of Skypixel Aerial Photo & Video Contest

Sky dreams in the best photos and films from drone


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