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Mobile World Congress will remain in Barcelona until 2030

The MWC is one of the largest technology congresses in the world. And since 2006 the fair has been held in Barcelona. And as you can now read, it will continue to do so. The GSMA and the venue have agreed on an extension. The GSMA is the annual organizer and has now confirmed that the MWC will remain in Barcelona until at least 2030. The current contract was valid until 2023. So under the new contract, the GSMA will now hold the MWC until at least Barcelona. Before the 2006 Barcelona Fair came, it was held in Rome, Nice, Berlin, Lisbon, Athens, Madrid and Cannes. What will happen after 2030 is currently unclear. Maybe it will be extended by more years or you will move to new realms. Sources): TechRadar The article Mobile World Congress stays in Barcelona until 2030 appeared first on xiaomist's blog .

Resident Evil 3 - review

Resident Evil 3 does not get as good reviews as Resident Evil 2. I am not surprised because the game is noticeably shorter and structurally simpler. I have no doubt that we are still talking about great production that does not deserve such a negative press. I will be the devil's advocate.

The embargo on reviews is falling. A moment later I get a message from a friend: - So I'm not buying RE3 for the premiere. I will wait for some promotions. - although I perfectly understand the approach of my colleague seeing all these 7/10 in the Western press, I felt a pang of injustice. I also have the Resident Evil 3 campaign behind me and I do not think that the title deserves only good grades.

I have the impression that some reviewers have forgotten what the iconic Resident Evil 3 looked like.

The survival horror classic was created at a record pace, on the wave of popularity of RE2. Capcom wanted to earn on the success of the great Twos, while wanting to release a new title before the premiere of PlayStation 2. In this way, the full-fledged continuation was canceled, and the team responsible for it began work on RE4. At the same time, the RE2 spin-off created by just 20 people was baptized as RE3.

It was a race. The main screenwriter had no idea about the history of the universe, which is why he wrote the story, playing at the same time in Resident Evil 2. The three got only one heroine, compared to the two protagonists from the previous part. Looking at just one CD in the Nemesis box, when Resident Evil 2 fit on two discs and offered two campaigns (and theoretically even four), one could get the impression that something went wrong. This impression was only compounded by the record time needed to complete Resident Evil 3.

Capcom was extremely lucky to have visionaries such as Shinji Mikami and Kazuhiro Aoyama in his team. It was them, inspired by the unstoppable T-1000 from the movie Terminator 2, who introduced the character Nemesis to the game. The beast chased the player, breaking all the rules of earlier production: he showed intelligence, opened the door, was able to run, and even used a firearm. Nemesis combined with beautiful 2D backgrounds showing Raccoon City made this game . Thanks to the beast, so many fans have forgiven the short time needed for RE3 to pass, poor puzzles, and a medium successful dodge mechanism.

The new Resident Evil 3 was also created as an add-on. Later it turned into a full game.

But this time Nemesis did not work a miracle. He did not pull the whole title, winning the fearful hearts of the players. The monster was created and presented splendidly, I have no doubt about that. However, when Nemmy appeared on stage, I did not feel fear or terror for a moment. Curiosity sooner. The heavy-footing Tyrant X from the Resident Evil 2 police station was raising my pressure even more.

I would like it to sound good: Nemesis is still the highlight during the performance. However, this time we feel like a spectator on a safe grandstand, while in 1999 we were pushed to the center of the stage, throwing straight into the arms of a lion. The new Nemesis is ruthless. Is durable. He's stubborn. He is powerful. However, it is not scary. Unfortunately. Which, fortunately, does not change the fact that every opportunity to fool him turns out to be damn pleasant.

I can't forgive the creators that the new Nemesis has become immortal.

In the original production, the appropriate firepower could permanently knock down the beast. Nemesis was decaying, and we were lifting weapons or useful tools from his body. In this way, Capcom rewarded players who preferred to stand up to an unequal fight instead of running away from a terrifying hunter. The reward was also a moment of rest and the opportunity to calmly explore the location, which was previously Nemesis' hunting grounds.

In the new Resident Evil 3, items still fall out of the beast, but Nemesis cannot be permanently beaten. The same, very simple (even coarse) mechanism was used, as in the case of Resident Evil 2 and Tyrant X. If we put enough lead in the monster, this one kneels on one knee and starts regeneration. We can't do anything to him then, and every bullet fired at a defenseless body will be wasted. The difference is that, unlike Mr. X, Nemmy rests noticeably longer.

Detriment. Shame. Fighting Nemesis should be something amazing. If only the Capcom specs sat down long enough over this element of the game, they could create something special. Unfortunately, the producers used a simple mechanism from the previous installment, which was already criticized by fans at that time. Instead of improving it, the developers followed the path of least resistance. They chose the easy, quick option. In this way, Resident Evil 3 from 2020 is a step backwards compared to the release from two decades ago.

I am absolutely delighted with the main character. You can fall in love with Jill.

Admittedly, sighing for pop culture icons is long gone, but Jill can charm everyone. All because of the mass of work that Capcom put into the animations, facial expressions and details of the main character. Miss Valentine is so convincing that she could really exist. The intermittent scenes with her participation are a real feast, directed at the level of a Hollywood film. Awesome job. Amazing! You can't tell it, you have to experience it for yourself. Jill is one of the best, most authentic protagonists in the entire history of video games.

Other heroes are also great. Carlos Oliveira cannot be disliked. A guy with lush hair and an automatic rifle immediately arouses sympathy. We feel a natural respect for Mikhail Victor, while Nikolai Zinoviev is a very convincing type from under the dark star. It's a pity that there are no more frequent interactions between these characters in the game. RE Engine highlights the characters, their emotions and their facial expressions. Capcom is a wonderful role-playing game tool in your hands.

I will also defend the movement of the slider towards an explosive action game.

The new Resident Evil 3 focuses on more fighting, more shooting and more zombies. But exactly the same was the original from years ago. This time the dodge mechanism works quite well and not only veterans will use it frequently. Only those red exploding barrels located on every street and at every store hurt. You can immediately see which way Nemesis will walk later. A little contempt for the player's intelligence.

After we fought for every meter of the police station in Resident Evil 2, the more open, faster Resident Evil 3 is an interesting change. The creators push an automatic rifle into your hands and say: - Here, come on. We know you couldn't before. Now you no longer have to save ammo . - In some chapters you don't keep an eye on the magazine, but this doesn't make RE3 easy. At medium difficulty, the reptilian Hunter can still kill with one blow. Even if the player has a full life bar! I died seven times the first time I passed the game.

It is difficult to defend the length of the game. Resident Evil 3 is an adventure for three long evenings.

It took me 7 hours and 6 minutes to get through the title at medium difficulty for the first time. I would add that I did not rush to break my neck. Quite the opposite: I tried to look under every stone and every dark place. During my adventure, I collected 15 out of 20 figures, obtained 8 out of 10 additional parts for weapons, and found and read 53 of 56 documents. I had a great time and honestly, I didn't feel the game was too short. Here we come to an interesting issue.

There is an element of truth in the fact that the older a person wants, the shorter the game. For me, the RE3 campaign was just right. However, I understand perfectly those who do not want to pay over PLN 200 for a one-player adventure written for seven hours. That's why I'm not going to convince you that you have to run to the store and buy a Capcomu game right now. However, I want you to know that Resident Evil 3 is a damn good game. Much better than many Western journalists draw.

The biggest advantages:

  • A very strong, interesting, intriguing beginning
  • More action, more fight is a good change
  • Fantastic references to the Resident Evil 2 remake
  • More Umbrelli, conspiracies and geopolitics
  • Jill <3
  • Carlos <3

The biggest disadvantages:

  • Nemesis is fascinating but not frightening
  • The beast can't be beat, laziness of developers
  • Online Resident Evil Resistance is awful
  • Less gore, more polite and smoother than RE2

These 7 out of 10 can be put in the mouth of Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3 - review


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