Quantum Error is the first horror advertised as a game for PS5. Trailer rather without jaw drop

In the next weeks and months, more and more games will be advertised as productions for PS5. One of them is Quantum Error - an interactive horror aimed at this and the upcoming generation of consoles from the PlayStation family.

Quantum Error is a horror film from TeamKill Media studio. Producers are not too well known, having only one released title: Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris. Now Americans from Wyoming are exchanging the steel sword for a solid shotgun, adding a slightly futuristic envelope to it.

Quantum Error does not look too good. The creators do one thing for it perfectly.

The producers took the time and opportunity to advertise their second title as a game on PS5 and PS4. The very fact that we can see on the trailer what the title for PlayStation 5 looks like causes increased curiosity and interest in the product. TeamKill Media uses free advertising using the Sony console.

Because probably we all agree that Quantum Error definitely does not look like the next generation of production. The film directed to pretend to be an authentic part of the game seems to be average at best. In addition, a bit boring, and also extremely banal. Were it not for the PS5 label, I would probably never know about QR.

We must expect that in the near future there will be a flood of similar initiatives.

The invasion of technologically anchored games in the PlayStation 4 era is coming, appearing on PlayStation 5 mainly due to the simplicity of code transfer and similar architecture of both platforms. The pinnacle of finesse will probably be raising the resolution to native 4K. What's more involved developers will also ensure a relatively stable 60 frames per second.

However, truly next-gene titles ... Well, we still haven't seen them.

Quantum Error is the first horror advertised as a game for PS5. Trailer rather without jaw drop


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