Prime Video and Apple TV + reduce video quality. To help Europe

apple tv + prime video video quality

YouTube and Netflix first, and now the other two leading players. Prime Video services from Amazon and TV + from Apple have reduced the bit rate in their video streams to uncork the overloaded European Internet somewhat.

Due to the deepening crisis associated with the coronavirus epidemic, the European population is being driven home as far as possible. We work and learn remotely using the Internet. And institutes and universities are frantically exchanging information over the Web to defeat the spreading plague as soon as possible.

This generates a huge and unexpected load on the Internet infrastructure for which it is not quite ready. It is no wonder then that the most burdensome Internet video streaming services responsibly respond to the crisis, reducing the level of services they provide so as not to hinder work much more urgent today. YouTube and Netflix have already reduced their stream capacity , now other leaders are doing the same.

Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV + reduce video quality to offload the Web and help fight coronavirus .

Amazon and Apple jointly changed the parameters of their services. Amazon in its statement sent by e-mail declares that not only has it generally reduced the bitrate of its streams in Europe, it has also delegated some of its employees to cooperate with local authorities and Internet providers to help solve network problems, and further adjust if necessary Prime Video service parameters.

Apple did not boast of such loud collaboration. However, as reported in social media, users of the TV + service and also about what 9to5Mac informs , the service is already operating in Europe at lower parameters, and the change in quality is reportedly felt.

Lower video bitrate means less information sent from the server to our receiving device. The stream is subjected to higher lossy compression, and this means the possibility of so-called compression artifacts on the screen (for example, blocks of huge pixels for a few seconds at a given place of the screen) and generally less image detail. The sound will also seem flatter and lacking in depth.

Prime Video and Apple TV + reduce video quality. To help Europe


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