Poles have created a device for rapid tests for the presence of coronaviruses

Genomtec is a Polish company from Wroclaw, which for several quarters has worked on a mobile device for the detection and recognition of individual viruses, bacteria and fungi. Their design may prove to be the fastest and very precise way to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Miron Tokarski, founder and CEO of Genomtec boasts that the Genomtec ID diagnostic device being tested uses the proprietary SNAAT isothermal technology (Streamlined Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology).

This is a key feature of the tester because it allows you to perform tests without the need to change the temperature of the sample itself. This means that the Polish company has managed to reduce the time to perform this type of tests about four times, to 15 minutes, while maintaining almost 100 percent. precision thanks to the use of nucleic acid amplification technology.

The technology developed by Genomtec has a number of implementation possibilities in many areas of medicine, including the so-called liquid biopsy, immunological or biochemical tests.

Genomtec ID - quick and easy to use

In addition, the device was designed in such a way as to provide anonymized information about global outbreaks of specific diseases to the global database. This idea alone is probably worth a fortune and certainly could be an invaluable help when it comes to data on the spread of viral epidemics in the future.

However, the most important feature when it comes to the device created by Poles seems to be its ease of use and the speed of testing itself. Just a drop of biological material, 20 minutes and we get its ready analysis. You do not even need any special training for this task, which means that the device could be used not only by specialized doctors, but also, e.g., inquisitive consumers.

Of course, before Genomtec ID appears on the market, it must receive all the necessary certificates. When it comes to ISO 13485, i.e. the international certificate required for each medical device, it should work in the first half of this year. On the other hand, Poles will be forced to wait until next year for certification on the European and American market.

It is a pity that this invention was not ready for a coronavirus pandemic. The ability to test immediately for his presence would now be at a premium, of which all European health ministries are certainly aware. I suspect that even in a year Genomtec will not have problems selling its product.

Poles have created a device for rapid tests for the presence of coronaviruses


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