PLN 180 million for computers for students and teachers is to make the e-school work

The government is trying to make the online school make a little more sense. The Ministry of Digital Affairs wants to allocate over PLN 180 million for equipment for students and teachers.

The funds will come from the EU Digital Poland Operational Program. Over 180 million PLN is still to be allocated in his budget. In just one day, the European Commission managed to obtain permission to use them for new purposes.

The money will be spent on laptops, tablets and purchasing mobile internet access.

The government announces that the funds will go to the accounts of local governments as soon as possible. Applications will be simple and flexible and their reception will start this Wednesday, April 1.

To speed up the whole operation even further, the ministry announced that local governments, which will assess their needs and buy equipment earlier, will pay money for it. The municipalities will be given a free hand in the choice of equipment.

We do not indicate the parameters of the equipment, we want the municipalities to maximize the effects of support, acting on the basis of the needs of residents and maximizing the number of equipment purchased. The idea is to get him to the largest group of students in need - explains the Minister of Digitization Marek Zagórski.

The ministry estimates that there will be at least 40,000 for each commune PLN, and the amounts will be allocated as needed. Equipment purchased under this action and quarantined to teachers and students during the quarantine, will be sent to schools with its end.

Exams for students are just coming, e-school has already failed .

Lack of equipment is just one of the problems faced by students and teachers testing online education in crisis. The problem is not only overloaded connections and the lack of many laptops in children's homes (two parents working remotely and the child is still an optimistic version), but also hanging servers , great organizational chaos, lack of training of teachers who were thrown into deep water and from whom they are expected to become distance learning specialists overnight.

Before our eyes, the school spectacularly fails its test .

PLN 180 million for computers for students and teachers is to make the e-school work


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