One of the "classics of computer science lessons" is back in a new setting. Everyone can already play the SOLDAT 2 demo

Soldat is one of the "classics of computer science lessons" for the 80s and 90s generation. The real-time shooter belonged to the production pantheon, which together with the DSJ jumps or 3D Pinball for Windows XP were launched in school halls. Now, 18 years after the premiere of the first part, Soldat 2 is coming.

A dynamic Soldat shooter would never have been made had it not been for Wormsy. One of the fans of battle worms wondered what it would be like to play Worms without being divided into turns. This is how Liero was created - a Worms variation played in real time. Finnish Liero, in turn, served as an inspiration to create a Polish Soldat.

Computer science student Michał Marcinkowski exchanged worms for soldiers and mercenaries, equipping them with modern and diverse weapons. The rules, however, remained the same: a two-dimensional massacre on a flat arena was to determine the winner or team of winners, as is the case in Worms. However, unlike the Worms, Soldat required much better reflexes.

The first Soldat debuted in 2002, but its popularity lasted over a decade.

The last update for the game was implemented at the end of 2016 as Soldat 1.7.1. Of course, this does not mean that nothing happened over the next few years. Fans experimented with modifications that affect weapons, rules and gameplay, and created new maps. The title also has a graphic refreshment that transfers most of the components to the 4K native world.

Even now, at the time of writing, I can see 27 players wanting to take part in online games. Soldat is still available for work, and for free. You can remember this production by downloading the installation file from the official game website . I remind you that the latest version of the program is Soldat 1.7.1.

Meanwhile, Soldat 2 is getting closer to the premiere. A demo has just been published.

Demo version of Soldat 2 has hit the Steam digital distribution platform . The demo allows you to play a duel with bots. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the classic multiplayer game with other players, most likely until the release of Soldat 2 as part of early access.

What's great, the same person who created the first installment is responsible for Soldat 2: Michał Marcinkowski. Once a computer science student, today the head of Transhuman Design studio, Marcinkowski has several premier games. In this really nice Butcher, which I play on Nintendo Switch.

  • Demo Soldat 2 on Steam (Windows + MacOS)

One of the "classics of computer science lessons" is back in a new setting. Everyone can already play the SOLDAT 2 demo


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