Not just Windows anymore. Desktop Facebook Messenger goes to the Mac App Store

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Windows users have been the only users of the native desktop Messenger application for years, and have recently received a refreshed version. Now it also goes to macOS.

Mac users have been waiting for this for years. Until today, the only desktop version of Messenger - the most popular messenger on the market - was the web version. For some reason, Facebook ignored macOS, focusing its efforts exclusively on the web application and the one on Windows. Fortunately, this is just changing.

Facebook Messenger in the Mac App Store. Messenger version for macOS.

messenger macos

Messenger is now available in the official Mac application repository . It supports all service functions, including group video calls or sending photos, stickers and animated GIFs. It also integrates fully with the macOS shell, including its notification center. It also adapts its theme - dark or light - to that set in the system.

The application, like the version for Windows, is based on the Electron foundation, so unfortunately it will not belong to the lightest or most energy-efficient ones. This Electron, however, is a hope for quick application updates, because thanks to it it is almost identical on all platforms - with minor differences resulting from the specifics of Windows, Mac or WEB.

messenger macos

This is the second Facebook messenger for Mac - WhatsApp is also available for this system. Windows has one more application advantage over macOS in the context of Facebook, and more specifically Instagram. However, this is a rather illusory advantage, because Windows Instagram is just a web PWA.

Not just Windows anymore. Desktop Facebook Messenger goes to the Mac App Store


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