Nintendo Switch by the eye of a player who does not have time to play

For three years I did not understand the phenomenon of Nintendo Switch, despite the constant delight of the esteemed editorial nerds. In the end I got this console and I am absolutely enchanted with it. Here are a few words about the Switch from a player who does not have time to play.

In the case of the Nintendo Switch, the word "phenomenon" is not overstated. The console appeared on the market in 2017, i.e. four years after the premiere of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This did not prevent her from establishing an equal fight with the competition, because over 62 million Switch consoles were sold worldwide, which is about 10 million more than all Xbox One variants together.

Switch on my internet was everywhere. I've seen dozens of articles on technology sites, hundreds of mentions on social media, and above all hours of lively discussions on our editorial Slack, where Switch is probably the most popular console. If I count correctly, it has seven people.

I watched this growing phenomenon of Switch and didn't understand it at all. And yet I am a player.

nintendo switch impressions reviews is it worth it

I love good games and I regret the fact that I have so little time for them right now. For several years I have been playing exclusively on PlayStation 4 and I go through three, gusting four games a year. Last year it was Detroit: Become Human, Spider-Man and God of War. I also come back to Doom from time to time.

As you can see, these are titles that can be passed in 15-25 hours. The Witcher 3 in the GOTY edition has been waiting for the console for several years, but I haven't taken it all the time. 150 hours of gameplay on the one hand tempts, on the other - a little frightening. Sometimes my inner geek dreams of returning to high school and college, when spending 40 hours a week in Diablo didn't surprise anyone. Today, 40 hours of the game would take me, in good winds, two months.

Meanwhile, on our editorial channel #nerdcorner on Slack regularly return very lively discussions about the Switch and these unfortunate Pokemon, Zelda and Mario.

Guys in their thirties - and even in their forties - get excited, delighted, arguing and trolling. Yes, Nintendo is a real phenomenon.

nintendo switch impressions reviews is it worth it

And believe it or not, a pack of Slack nerds didn't convince me to Switch as much as my editorial colleague Asia Tracewicz, who doesn't usually play video games, but she liked Switch very much. If even Asia got into the switch so much, maybe maybe something is wrong?

The purchase of the Switch germinated in my head from time to time, because I travel a lot on trains, and I often go to business trips where I sleep in hotels, so I would have a lot of time to play peacefully. Some time ago I told my wife about it, who added two to two and in this way I got a Switch for my birthday. I have been playing for about 10 days and finally I began to understand the phenomenon behind this console.

First of all, Switch is a great home console. Especially if you don't have time to play.

- Well, perfect console for the time of quarantine, just in time to leave the house - said friends ironically, when I boasted about Switch. And in fact, in the current reality of Switch I have not yet moved outside the house, but for how well it works in four walls!

nintendo switch impressions reviews is it worth it

It's a cosmic misunderstanding that Nintendo marketing doesn't compare Switch to smartphones. And playing on the Switch turned out to be the equivalent of playing on a smartphone, i.e. in a completely non-binding way, in the meantime, when there is a break. The equipment is always on and ready for use, so you can hold it for up to 10-15 minutes. During the week there are really many situations when there is a moment of free time, which can be spent without consequences on doing something in the game.

In this way, I have already gone through The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It took me about 10 days without any sacrifices. If I had to pass a game of this length on PlayStation 4, I would pay for it for a sleepless week. Currently, I can only play PS4 at night, especially at this crazy time when my wife and daughter are at home all the time. Playing on TV is only possible in the late evening.

nintendo switch impressions reviews is it worth it

Switch showed me that playing does not have to be a ritual. This console is like a smartphone, only instead of playing balls or other pointless endless runners , you can play big games and enjoy advanced gameplay and storyline.

Secondly, you'll appreciate the Switch, even if you haven't grown up on Nintendo.

Switch in my eyes has always been a device for the generation that grew up on Game Boy, NES and SNES. In the 90s I had quite occasional contact with any consoles, not only with Nintendo equipment, so all this nostalgic Switch shell does not get to me at all. I associate Mario more like a character from the world of pop culture than a hero with whom I spent my childhood.

nintendo switch impressions reviews is it worth it

I was a bit afraid that without this baggage of experience I would not fully understand the phenomenon of Switch. However, it seems that the games (even those created by Nintendo) are universal enough to reach everyone. I can see it on the example of Link's Awakening, which is brilliant even 27 years after the premiere (the Switch version is a remake of the Game Boy title).

In the game I had a lot of slight delight with the situations I encountered. Just the devil met in the cave. I woke him from sleep, so he had a "punishment" for me: he magically increased the number of bombs I could carry with me. As he left, he laughed that now I would have to carry all this garbage. Another example is the shopkeeper I wanted to buy a new shield from. The shopkeeper looked at my inventory, including my shield, and said that I still needed to learn a lot about budget management.

nintendo switch impressions reviews is it worth it

The biggest surprise, however, was the collection of all optional figurines, which I gave the residents requests to display them in their homes. In any other game such an additional task would be rewarded with some bonus, new equipment or upgrade. But not in Zelda. Here the reward was satisfaction.

I liked the switch much more than I could have ever thought.

nintendo switch impressions reviews is it worth it

Follow me Link's Awakening, which I went through without sacrifice and sleepless nights, in the meantime, instead of scrolling Twitter. I have also returned to Diablo 3, and the fight against the forces of hell on the bed is really an amazing experience. In the evenings we play with my wife in Overcooked - this time on TV, with Joy-Cones in our hands - in which we are probably the worst in the world. So what, since we both can't wait until we find a moment to cook the soup and chop the onion. Something beautiful.

Before me the main course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for which I have high expectations. For now I am enchanted by Switch and I regret that I didn't get interested in him before.

Nintendo Switch by the eye of a player who does not have time to play


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