New on Orange. From today you can buy a 5 GB package for 5 PLN

5 GB for 5 PLN orange

The orange operator from today introduces a changed additional 5 GB package for users of "unlimited" services. It has not been so cheap a long time ago.

From today, users of popular "unlimited" services at Orange prepaid can buy an additional 5 GB for PLN 5 at any time using this type of service. Additional gigabytes will go to the base package and will be valid as long as the service itself. This additional package can be bought many times during the unlimited service period, also after using the base package.

How to activate 5 GB for 5 PLN in Orange per card with "unlimited" service?

The 5 GB package for 5 PLN applies to any version of the "Conversations, SMSes and MMSs unlimited to all + GB package" and "Conversations and SMSes unlimited to all + GB package" services. To activate it, simply send an SMS to the service number saying PACKAGE . If we use the service "Conversations, SMSs and MMSs without limit to everyone", it is number 630, and if from "Conversations and SMSes without unlimited to everyone" - 696.

The amount and validity of the remaining funds can be checked by sending an SMS with the content of ILE to the service number of the active service (630 or 696). The use of the base package from the unlimited service during the period of validity of the service and the lack of active other services on the Internet results in enabling the data transfer speed limit.

New on Orange. From today you can buy a 5 GB package for 5 PLN


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