Monument Valley 2 is available for free on Android and iOS. It s almost perfect

One of the best (and certainly the most beautiful) smartphone games has just been made available on Android iOS for free. Monument Valley 2 can now be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

If you played Monument Valley, you don't have to bother you to continue this excellent title, you will throw yourself another piece of luck, especially since it is now available for free. If not ... Well, the rest of you are jealous of having this adventure ahead of you.

Monument Valley 2 on Google Play for free.

Shared to make our social quarantine more pleasant, the game will soothe our broken nerves. A trip to an amazing multi-colored world will allow you to break your head out of the four walls for a short while, and logical puzzles focus on something other than combining how to best tie children together to be able to work from home (or have a moment of peace). Soothing music perfectly complements this picture from which emerges a small wonder of the mobile gaming industry if not the gaming industry at all.

Ro and her daughter have to make their way to the next levels of beautiful isometric buildings. To enable her, the player must solve logical puzzles by manipulating the moving elements of the world in such a way that they create a path that allows him to get to other places.

Operating Monument Valley 2 is extremely intuitive and pleasant. The puzzles are simple (maybe sometimes too simple), and satisfaction comes primarily from traveling through beautifully designed worlds.

If you have a smartphone and you have not tested this title so far due to the rather high (but fully justified) price for such a short game (Monument Valley 2 consists of 14 levels), now you have no excuses.

Stay at home and play.

Monument Valley 2 thus joins the long list of free games that the creators tempt us to stay within four walls instead of wandering around, potentially spreading a wildly contagious virus. They are joined by book sellers with their offers, operators with free internet or streaming platforms with promotions and new titles, which had to be withdrawn from the premiere in four closed venues .

Everyone says one thing - stay home.

Monument Valley 2 is available for free on Android and iOS. It's almost perfect


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