Microsoft wants to break Chrome s password manager. For our safety

chrome password manager

"Hey, can I use your computer for a while?" A few moments and a person who is not very friendly to us has access to all services to which we have saved login data in the browser. Microsoft has an idea.

An important part of us uses password managers, so that we do not have to manually and laboriously enter our authentication data when logging in to some service. Some use dedicated programs, others - most probably - rely on mechanisms built into web browsers. This is not a bad idea at all ...

... at least until we lend our computer to a bystander for a moment . In theory, in such a situation, we should log out of our account in the system and allow the needy person to log into their account or guest account. In practice, hardly anyone cares about it, involuntarily sharing any saved login data in the browser with a third party.

Microsoft proposes to make life more difficult for users. He wants Chromium - including Chrome - to request password auto-complete confirmation.

Microsoft as the co-creator of the Chromium browser - on which Chrome, Edge and Opera are based, among others - proposes a change in the way its password manager works. In her opinion, Chromium should have a default disabled mechanism that introduces some difficulties in autocompletion.

When filling out the form, the browser would ask the user to confirm this action with a system password. At the same time, it could be - or even should be - the PIN code or biometric method with which our device is compatible (for example, a fingerprint scan). A similar security policy is used by many mobile phone manufacturers in their system password managers.

Microsoft's proposal is currently being considered by other Chromium developers, so it is not clear whether such protection will eventually reach browsers based on it. Until now, however, most of Microsoft's ideas and solutions have been approved by the community, so the idea described here also has a good chance of being accepted. Which, by the way, seems very sensible.

Microsoft wants to break Chrome's password manager. For our safety


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