Microsoft is trying to explain why AA batteries in a new Xbox pad

Sony and Nintendo - the two largest console manufacturers on the market - have been using batteries in their controllers for several years. Microsoft insists, however, on AA batteries. The fingers will even power the controller of the new Xbox X Series. Why?

Microsoft organized a meeting with Western journalists aimed at familiarizing the architecture of the upcoming Xbox Series X console. The panel asked about the new wireless controller and how it will be powered. It is difficult not to raise your eyebrows when we see that in 2020 a leading producer of new technologies is still relying on AA batteries.

Microsoft says it stays with AA batteries because it wants players to have a choice .

By choice, the Xbox manufacturer understands several different actions to solve the problem of unloaded rain. Xbox owners have three possible scenarios to choose from: the first option involves connecting the controller via cable to the console and continuing the game. Option number two is to replace the AA battery. Variant number three is the option of using the Play & Charge battery to replace the battery.

The problem is that this choice is debatable because the scenarios presented are not equivalent. After all, the Play & Charge battery must be purchased separately. Same as new AA batteries. Microsoft provides a number of possibilities, but most of them involve the customer with additional costs and investments. Here is the whole selection.

Microsoft clumsily hides the real reasons for the decision: profit and savings.

Profit , because the Play & Charge battery must be purchased separately. The cost of such an official set is 90 - 100 PLN. Microsoft dumps the purchase on the customer, while Sony and Nintendo include the battery falls in the price of the set with the console. After all, such a Play & Charge battery does not differ much from the solutions found in DualShocks and Pro Controllers. At the same time, Microsoft's controller, DualShock 4 and Pro Controller cost quite similar amounts. Add two to two and see who earns the most. Microsoft transfers costs to its own customers, keeping the price at a similar level as the competition.

Savings , because the production of the controller without a battery is much cheaper. As a result, Microsoft is becoming more flexible in determining the final price of the Xbox X Series. It's very likely that the XSX will be slightly cheaper than the competing PlayStation 5 . In the case of PS5, the lion's share of the market price will be consumed by a super-fast SSD ( twice as fast as in XSX ) and a new controller. DualShock 5 will have not only a built-in battery, but also extensive haptic motors.

Discharging batteries in pads is largely a myth.

PlayStation 5 PS5

I remember when Xbox fanatics defended batteries in consoles of the current generation with the argument: you and your batteries. It will be a year or two since the release of PS4 and will not work. And we'll just replace the batteries - In retrospect, the denunciation turned out to be a mistake. Enough to write that I am still playing the Sony controller bought together with the PS4 console on the day of the Polish premiere. It was necessary to replace the rubber on analogues, but the pad itself still works, after 4 - 5 hours on one charge.

Sure, these 4-5 hours are not the same as the initial 7-8 hours. In seven years there has been a decrease in battery capacity by almost 50 percent. However, I do not want to count how many AA batteries I would buy in those seven years. I also don't have to add the cost of the Play & Charge set to these calculations. Well, let's be honest with each other: to play for more than 4-5 hours in one go is no longer appropriate.

Microsoft is trying to explain why AA batteries in a new Xbox pad


  1. I think, AA accumulators/bateries are way better than embeded accumulator. I have two pairs of AA rechargable and everytime when i play, i switch it and recharge. Easy. And way better than some cables... Or waiting x hour to recharge. Additional costs are not so high for that advantage. Microsoft make it perfect. Bob


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