Microsoft is improving Edge for the disabled. Chrome users will also benefit

Microsoft is improving Microsoft Edge Developer Tools in terms of availability in all meanings of the word.

The developer toolkit has been improved and made available to application developers and websites optimized for all Chromium-based browsers, not just Edge .

Web availability is important not only for website and application users, but also for their creators.

When we think about obstacles in the life of a person with a disability, often before our eyes are first people in wheelchairs, standing in front of the high stairs to the building, which, for example, houses an election commission. However, this is only the more conspicuous part of reality. There are also obstacles in the virtual world that prevent people with disabilities from actively participating in the e-life of society.

Enabling free access to technology for people with different levels of disability is crucial not only in the context of measures to prevent discrimination against such people, but also as a tool to support economic and technological development worldwide. Small fonts, no contrast, no thoughtful navigation without using the mouse - it's all the equivalent of stairs, high curbs, no ramps.

As Rachel Simone Well , a manager at Microsoft Edge DevTools, writes in a Microsoft blog post , almost half of computer users in the United States use some form of assistive technology. This group includes, among others, people with physical disabilities, hearing or vision problems, and even simply temporary injuries.

Microsoft Edge Developer Tools will be available to everyone.

Microsoft is paying more attention to ensuring that its programming tools are made with accessibility in mind. On the blog, the company boasted of changes that have recently been introduced in Microsoft Edge Developer Tools.

Thanks to some new solutions and complete rebuilding of others, the package is much more convenient to use with a screen reader or just a keyboard.

The improvement of contrast at the UI level and the change in the way the data is visually presented (additional information not based on coding meanings using colors has been introduced) will certainly please those with pattern problems.

Importantly, these tools will be useful not only to people who program with Edge in mind. Microsoft makes them available to everyone who optimizes their applications and websites for any of the Chromium based browsers (Opera, Vivaldi, Chrome, Brave, etc.).

Microsoft is improving Edge for the disabled. Chrome users will also benefit


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