Microsoft has not announced free Gold Games for April. And these still appeared

games from gold April 2020

We still do not officially know what four games will be available in April for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. We don't know why Microsoft didn't announce them. But we've already met the first two.

Games with Gold are one of the benefits provided for subscribers of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Every month, active subscribers receive two Xbox One games and two Xbox One compatible games without further charges. The first two remain at our disposal indefinitely as long as we have an active subscription, the remaining become our property.

This month, Microsoft ... seems to have forgotten about its offer. At this time, we always had a list of games published on official Xbox online profiles for the next month. Meanwhile, the company seems to be too busy with the coronavirus crisis to watch over the publication of the free games list. However, these have just been unlocked. At least the first two.

Project Cars 2 and Fable Anniversary - these are the first Gold Games for April 2020.

Project Cars 2 is a game by Slightly Mad Studios. The game's distinguishing feature is not only its audiovisual setting, but first and foremost realism. This production aspires to be described as a driving simulator. He tries to faithfully reflect physical phenomena, weather or race specifics - although he still maintains a compromise between full simulation and being relatively affordable production for amateurs.

Fable Anniversary, in turn, is a graphically refreshed version of Fable, considered one of the most influential RPGs in the genre's history. New textures, new lighting system, new interface were added, and The Lost Chapters became part of the main game.

We are still waiting for two more productions to be released.

Microsoft has not announced free Gold Games for April. And these still appeared


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