Mi Pay will also be available on Xiaomi smartphones that do not have NFC

Mi Pay is the Xiaomi service used to pay with our smartphone. A Google Pay-style utility but integrated into MIUI's own Wallet and available for Asian markets such as China or India where Google services are not used as in the rest of the world.

As you would expect, this functionality has so far not been integrated into those signature smartphones that lack NFC. Still, Xiaomi has started to deploy a new development version of MIUI for certain terminals without this technology that allows you to use Mi Pay in another way.

In detail, the Redmi Note 7 , Redmi Note 5 and Redmi 6 were the first to receive this new update that allows you to use Mi Pay in order to be able to pay through your smartphones without using the NFC that they lack.

Mi Pay will also be available on Xiaomi smartphones that do not have NFC. Xiaomi  News

For this, once the bank card is added to the Wallet, Mi Pay is in charge of generating a QR code with which we can pay in practically any establishment in China or India, among others.

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A quite useful functionality for those terminals without NFC , but that beyond China and other Asian markets where payment can be made using QR codes, is totally useless ... at least for now.

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