Leaving the house only one by one, compulsory gloves in stores. The government is introducing new restrictions

The government has just introduced new restrictions on moving and leaving homes. Shopping rules are also changing.

At today's press conference, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski announced new restrictions that are being implemented as part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus infections.

Transmission of infections occurs horizontally, i.e. within the borders of the country, not from abroad. New infections appear as a result of meeting Poles.

No walking for two people.

When leaving the house, there is a distance of two meters from the other person, except for parents looking after the child or people looking after the sick or disabled. Additionally, minors may stay in the public space only with an adult.

There are also restrictions on access to parks, boulevards, squares and beaches. These places will not be available for walking. In addition, there is a ban on using city bike rentals.

From 10am to 12pm stores will be available only to seniors. There are also more limits when it comes to shopping.

The limit of people who are simultaneously in the store is limited to a maximum of three people per one cash register, which means that if there is only one cash register in a local shop, only three people can come to the shop. At five ticket offices there will be 15 people. A similar restriction is implemented at bazaars and marketplaces. There are three people on the stall.

The restriction also applies to post offices. In this case, there is a limit of two people per one window, because the area of ​​post offices is smaller than that of stores.

From 10am to 12pm, stores and pharmacies will only be open to elderly people over the age of 65. Older people can also use the shops earlier and later, but younger people cannot shop during seniors' hours. In this way, we are to limit the oldest (i.e. most exposed to infection) before falling ill. Seniors should also go out to the shops as rarely as possible. Not every day, but every few days. There is no obligation yet, but there is a strong recommendation from the government.

There is also an obligation to shop with gloves from 2/04/2020. In addition, DIY stores and other large area stores are closed at the weekend. Cosmetic and service outlets such as hairdressers, tattoos and piercings will be completely closed. Grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores remain open as usual.

There are also restrictions in the workplace regarding office buildings.

In the office space, 1.5 m distance between workstations should be kept. Employees must also be equipped with personal health and disinfection agents.

There is a limitation on the activities of hotels and accommodation facilities. The exception is quarantine facilities. In addition, the government is implementing an extended quarantine formula. In-house quarantine is insufficient. From today, quarantined people must be completely isolated from their families.

There are also new products in private passenger transport. Private carriers are subject to the limit of places on the same terms as they used to be in public transport.

The restrictions listed above apply from 1/04/2020

All rehabilitation treatments are also canceled during the pandemic. The last restriction is the obligation imposed on stores and gas stations. Employees must after each customer disinfect the components used by customers: distributors at stations, pinpads in stores, surfaces on the counter, etc.

Strengthening movement rules is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading.

More restrictive restrictions have been imposed, among others due to last weekend, when in the streets and parks you could meet many walkers. Until now, in accordance with the restrictions of March 25 , it was possible to travel in pairs, but this restriction did not apply to family members.

According to the latest data in Poland, we have 2132 people diagnosed with coronavirus infection. 31 people died of infection. As announced by the Minister of Health, in the coming time one should expect a rapid increase in the incidence, so it is important to follow the recommendations. Until yesterday, over 51 thousand. samples, and on the last day laboratories carried out 4.8 thousand. tests.

Leaving the house only one by one, compulsory gloves in stores. The government is introducing new restrictions


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