Last Minute: Redmi cancels the presentation event of the new Redmi Note 9 due to the coronavirus

Beyond contagion and unfortunate deaths, the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the world economy. If the experts already announce a great fear in the financial health of the main world powers, the problems do not stop being fanned in the main manufacturers of mobile telephony.

And, just as the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 10 in China had to be canceled due to the coronavirus so that it could only be done online, just a few minutes ago Redmi has reported the cancellation of the presentation event of the new Redmi Note 9 Due to the same causes.

This is what the sub-brand of Xiaomi has let us know through an extensive statement on Twitter. As the company explains, this event that had been scheduled for months has finally been canceled in person due to the fear of new infections from COVID-19 that currently affects practically everyone.

In addition, Redmi has decided to cancel all events scheduled for this March . In this same statement, the firm assures that it will try to hold a new online event worth mentioning for the presentations that were scheduled throughout this month.

This, although it is not confirmed for sure that the presentation of the Redmi Note 9 continues on March 12, if it returns us the hope of at least knowing via streaming as will the new Xiaomi candidate to crown the range half.

Source | Twitter

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