I will fight Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima. Spring belongs to PS4, not only thanks to samurai

Sony reveals the release date of Ghost of Tsushima on a beautiful trailer. We reach for the katana on June 26, 2020. Earlier we will play three other exclusive games for the PlayStation 4 family consoles.

It would seem that Sony will save strength and resources for the premiere of PlayStation 5. However, a few months before the debut of the new console the catalog for PS4 is so juicy that it licks your fingers. SCE does what they do best: serving superbly promising exclusive games, leaving behind direct competition.

A few days ago Dreams premiered. Nioh 2 is debuting soon.

Dreams is a loud game creator (or creativity trigger, as you probably would prefer to call it the creator) that allows you to design real miracles. The title is still waiting for our review because it is so great that it is really difficult to measure its full potential. In the boldest scenario, I did not assume that it would be such an extensive program .

At the same time, in a few days Nioh 2 debuts - a continuation of the very successful Dark Souls clone, which is also in vain to be found on Xbox One. The first Nioh was surprisingly good and I can't wait to tell you about the impressions of his sequel. At the moment, however, I'm holding back the pre-embargo. And an incredibly designed boss that I can't deal with for a good two days.

In the first half of April, Final Fantasy VII will come to PlayStation 4.

A remake of the best jPRG under the sun (I'm sorry, FFIX enthusiasts, but that's the truth) will be distributed as a temporary exclusive title for consoles from the PlayStation 4 family. The premiere of this title for PC and Xbox One has not been planned until next year. Ouch! Fortunately, owners of Microsoft consoles can experience a bit exotic with the Kingdom Hearts and Yakuza series, debuting on Xbox.

Meanwhile, PS4 owners can now download and run the free Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. I'll just say it's good. Damn good For more insights on this topic, please click this link .

Then the main course enters the table: The Last of Us Part 2.

The first of The Last of Us soared to the heights of film narrative in video games. The title looked amazing, sounded great, and offered very good gameplay mechanisms. If you love the strongly narrative adventures of Hollywood, you must get to know the world at TLoU. Naughty Dog studio has raised the bar so high that no one has ever managed to jump over it. Anyone.

The Last of Us Part 2 will hit us in the first half of April. At the same time, Sony announced that HBO will produce the series under the license of this game. Awesome news. Especially since the creator of the great episode Chernobyl is involved in the project, also for HBO. I just hope that the station will not save on this venture. Although TLoU is a very personal story, it must be told with a Hollywood pump.

Dessert is Ghost of Tsushima planned for the end of June.

An adventure full of samurai looks great. The new trailer only confirms my belief that Sony has another ace up its sleeve. Maybe Ghost of Tsushima doesn't have such media coverage as Death Stranding or God of War, but I'm already rubbing my hands on this bloody, oriental adventure. Let only melee weapons be properly implemented.

What does direct competition say?

Ori and the Will of the Wisps - a beautiful platform game filled with magical music - will debut on Windows 10 and Xbox One. I liked the first Ori a lot, but don't cheat: it's not the same momentum as the PS4 catalog. Gears Tactics also looks more like a curiosity than a market killer. Microsoft's biggest advantages are now Flight Simulator and Halo Infinity. The problem is that we still don't know exactly when any of these titles will be released.

Consoles from the Xbox One family may have fantastic services like backward compatibility or Game Pass. The truth is, however, that exclusive titles sell gaming platforms. They ignite the imagination, engage fans and mobilize online militias. Sony is well aware of this, not giving up even at the end of the PS4 life cycle. Why won't the Japanese take it easy when they already have the eighth generation leader's armband? The reason is simple:

They compete with PlayStation 2 .

I will fight Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima. Spring belongs to PS4, not only thanks to samurai


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