I thought the 65-inch TV was big. I was wrong

how big tv to buy

Not so long ago, a 32-inch TV was considered quite large. Today, under thatched roofs, we will most often find 55-inch TVs, and some are starting to think about even greater.

A modern TV is a home entertainment center. We can not only connect to it game consoles or disc players, but also many other devices. 10 years ago, the revolution began, which consisted of connecting the TV to the Internet. Today we derive full handfuls of what she brought. It turned out that then that television is more than television. Can you imagine a modern TV today without such VOD applications as HBO GO, player, Cineman, WP Pilot, Rakuten, IPLA or Amazon?

And this is only a modest part of what we will find there. There are educational applications, for sports fans, music. We can watch the performance at the Metropolitan Opera, sitting at home, or look at the beach in San Francisco and watch surfers. However, one of the biggest advantages, apart from the enormity of diverse content, is the freedom of choice. We can see what we want when we want and in the amount we want.

how big tv to buy

Modern Smart TV can also act as the heart of our smart home by presenting information from our other home devices on the screen. The fridge door is open? The fridge will send a message to the TV and we will see it on the screen, as well as information about the end of washing. If we connect the intercom wirelessly to the TV without leaving the couch, we can open the door of the pizza supplier. We will use the smartphone as a remote control to control the TV, but also send photos or movies to its screen. It is enough to connect all these devices in one network and today it is not at all difficult. When we turn off the QLED TV, we can start Ambient Mode, which instead of a black rectangle, we will see on it animations, weather information or headlines of the most important information.

The development of television stands still. But not entertainment development. That's why I want a bigger TV today. 75 inches would be perfect.

I have a TV approach similar to that of Americans to my trucks and hot dogs. Bigger is better. I don't even try to make some extra money to this ideology - my and my friends' experience says that we feel more pleasure watching movies and series on the big screen. After all, that's what people used to go to the cinema for.

This is a subjective opinion and anecdotal case, but also my surroundings are not too extravagant. Sales figures from all global markets clearly prove that size matters and the larger the better. With the development of technology, the production of high-diagonal matrixes becomes cheaper, so a growing group of consumers can afford a large receiver. And this group gladly uses it instead of buying smaller devices, which after all remained on offer.

how big tv to buy

They are provoked not only by the pleasure of watching matches or blockbusters on the big screen, but also by the development of the functions of the TVs themselves. The large screen allows you to put several elements on it without losing readability - for example, broadcast the race and view information about it on Twitter.

The resolution of the offered content in VOD services also increases, thanks to which you can see even more details resulting from Ultra HD resolution on larger TV sets. Not long ago, huge screens scared us with equally huge pixels. Today it works the opposite way: a large display reveals new image details that would not be visible on a tiny panel with densely packed pixels.

No wonder that we feel like getting bigger and bigger TV sets.

A survey carried out at the end of last year on behalf of Samsung shows that 81 percent. respondents who recently bought large TVs chose the 55-inch model and larger. But also 69% respondents admitted that next time they would consider buying a larger screen. In Poland, 57% have this belief. surveyed, while in the UK it is as much as 80 percent.

A growing number of people appreciate the integration with Miracast or Airplay, and above all the offer of VOD services. Movies and TV series published in services such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix are encoded using the latest solutions - in Ultra HD with HDR, the quality is basically outgoing only for UHD Blu-ray discs. Such a high resolution allows you to make your dreams come true and create your own home cinema. Let's not forget about video games: on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, 4K resolution will be standard. Cyberpunk 2077 version for the new generation in full UHD? Oh ... I can't wait!

how big tv to buy

Not so long ago, the purchase of a 65-inch TV was associated with wealth and luxury. Today, almost every family from the Polish national average can afford such a device. According to Samsung data, the average price of a 65-inch TV in 2015 was 9.2 thousand. PLN, and last year it was 4.6 thous. PLN zlotys. The difference can also be seen clearly in the large-screen TV segment, i.e. 70 inches and higher. Five years ago, the market average fluctuated around 14 thousand. PLN, and in 2019 we could have such a product for less than 7 thousand zlotys.

Prices will decrease and resolutions will increase. Samsung is already focusing heavily on 8K this year.

And not just Samsung. Most major TV manufacturers on the market already have at least one 8K model on offer. However, the Korean manufacturer is clearly the driving force behind this innovation, offering consumers 8K TVs in various varieties and types.

Popularizing 8K panels means two things. First of all, an economical customer will be able to buy a 4K TV with a higher diagonal, spending a smaller amount on it. In turn, the one that cares about quality more, will start to consider the aforementioned 8K - and with such a high pixel density, buying a small TV does not make much sense. For now, 8K TVs with large diagonals are still an expense not for everyone - but it's just a matter of time.

how big tv to buy

On such a 75-inch QLED 8K TV we will be able to admire even the smallest details in the content viewed. It works in a smaller living room, because a large screen will not cause that we will begin to notice individual pixels, as well as in the larger one, in which due to its size it will be clearly visible from anywhere.

Size does matter. We prefer the bigger one.

Let's not forget about the slightly infantile - although I'm not ashamed of it - pleasure of watching a Hollywood blockbuster on a huge screen. There is a 65-inch 4K TV in my living room - quite new, so I can't explain the exchange for another copy. However, if I were buying today, I would seriously consider a higher diagonal and higher resolution.

I would like to be ready for the future today, but I also don't forget about more mundane needs. Turning on your favorite movie on a UHD Blu-ray disc in 4K resolution with HDR on a 75-inch display is a pleasure straight from the cinema. Considering the falling prices of LCD matrices, I will plan my next purchase for, among other things, increasing the size of the TV in the living room.

I advise you too. Not only financially it is becoming more reasonable, but also the pleasure of using such equipment is enormous. And yet in a few years 8K will be the standard, as it is 4K today.

* The text was created in cooperation with Samsung

I thought the 65-inch TV was big. I was wrong


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