Huawei AppGallery, or a lot of benefits for users

Huawei has found the perfect place and time to create its own independent ecosystem. Its important element is a well-functioning application store that offers many benefits to users of Chinese manufacturer's equipment.

This move by Huawei has a chance to break the de facto existing duopoly on the app stores market. The current strategy chosen by the Chinese puts the greatest number of benefits for users who decide to use the AppGallery.

Vouchers, all kinds of gifts, discount codes or VIP functions for Huawei phone owners and Huawei Points (virtual currency for which we can buy premium themes, content in games and applications and increase the amount of data space in the Huwaei Cloud) offered to users turned out to be a shot the bull's-eye, thanks to which the number of people using the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem is growing rapidly. The statistics speak for themselves:

  • AppGallery downloads in the fourth quarter of 2019: an increase of 78 percent
  • Number of users during this period: an increase of 63 percent Including 11% increase in the number of active Huawei ID accounts
  • Use of all mobile services offered by the Chinese manufacturer: an increase of 13 percent

Note that we are talking only about the last quarter of 2019. Observing the number of new products that appear in the Huawei AppGallery, I suspect that the statistics for the first quarter of 2020 will also impress us. Huawei has a very simple and effective strategy to interest users in its services.

Even greater benefits for users

In addition to the impressive increase in the number of applications published in the AppGallery, Huawei encourages users to use its store using a very cleverly planned strategy based on promotions and direct benefits of using the Huawei store. The easiest way to explain this is with examples:

Do you want to try or renew your subscription in NaviExpert? If you download it from the AppGallery, you will receive an additional free month of using the paid version for free.

Allegro? Please, by installing the mobile application of this website from AppGallery, each user will receive a coupon worth PLN 5 and 10 Allegro coins for a good start.

In turn, I recently took advantage of 20 percent. rebate to the CCC network. It was enough to download their application from the Huawei store. There are many, many more benefits of this type. Whether in the form of free additions to mobile games (for which you normally have to pay), or discounts or rebate vouchers to selected retail chains and stores.

Huawei, of course, ensures that new offers and promotions appear all the time, thanks to which users are happy to comb the AppGallery in search of new opportunities and install more and more applications. An example from a few weeks ago: to get PLN 50 to spend in the official Huawei store, all you had to do was download the Blix, Traficar or Olx app from the AppGallery.

So let's regularly visit the Gifts section in the AppGallery store. Almost every day you can find new promotions and gifts there. Available only for Huawei AppGallery users, of course.

AppGallery tempts developers

No ecosystem can survive without a constant inflow of new and useful applications, thanks to which the user is able to expand the capabilities of his mobile device. But how to ensure this constant flow of applications. Here, Huawei focuses on an old and proven method: to convince developers. How? Of course, with money.

More specifically It's about the fees charged for selling the application. Duopol in the form of Apple and Google deducts 30 percent. on the amount for which developers sell their applications on both platforms.

How much Huawei gets? For the first year since the launch of the AppGallery application, the commission charged from its creator is zero - 100 percent. profit goes directly to the developer's pocket. After this time, of course, the commission appears, but it is much lower than the competition.

No wonder that AppGallery is currently recording such a huge increase in the applications published in it. For this implementation of the application to the Huawei ecosystem is very easy. The Chinese even enabled porting of applications that use Google services and libraries by default.

Just replace them with their counterparts created by Huawei. A great example of such a procedure is the Yanosik application, known and liked among Polish drivers, which - by the way - is one of the most downloaded applications from AppGallery. Can you? You can. Currently, there are almost 800 Polish applications in the AppGallery. Recently, a dozen or so new applications have implemented their products for HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), including OLX, Ceneo, Safe Family, Radio TOK FM
or TVP Sport.

How to start using AppGallery?

Huawei smartphones launched so far can easily use all the applications available in the AppGallery. The store itself is pre-installed on every Huawei smartphone and tablet from March 2018. For other devices that have the EMUI version 5.0 (or higher) overlay, the Huawei AppGallery application should be downloaded directly from the website.

However, when it comes to installing applications available in the AppGallery, it is no different from installing software from other stores. We find the tool we are interested in, click Download and ... that's it.

It is also worth adding that all applications available in the AppGallery undergo detailed privacy controls, are comprehensively tested for security vulnerabilities, and their creators are verified manually. This approach allows users not to worry about the privacy of their data, or accidental installation of a malicious algorithm impersonating an application.

In the case of applications not yet available in the Huawei store, you can often install them from an external source (a good example is Facebook or Whatsapp, which can be downloaded from the official websites of the manufacturer) or use its browser version (examples: Uber and YouTube).

Huawei's plan may succeed

I have to admit that during these few months Huawei did not really idle and filled its store with useful applications. Recently, out of curiosity, I've even started using the alternative to Google Maps ( to see if life outside of Google is even possible.

The e-mail client is, the navigation is, the applications of those online stores that I use are also and offer promotion right after installation, and my favorite messenger Telegram has even recently hit the recommended list.

Of course, I do not urge you to part with Google services immediately, but it's worth knowing that for smartphones of one of the most popular manufacturers in our country, there is an increasingly real and increasingly sensible alternative that tempts users with huge benefits.

* The entry was made in cooperation with the Huawei brand.

Huawei AppGallery, or a lot of benefits for users


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